Monday, August 8, 2011

Sat, June 3, 1961

72°/88° 5.25/7.11 H. 67% B. 30.10”
Up at 7.15 and squeezed oranges and had my coffee. Tillie up at 8.15. Sunny and warm and calm.
Helped Dixie trim her ixora hedge. Swept yard.
Went swimming with Etta.
Water dirty from sea weed. Walked south on beach. Home and lunch.
Had a two hour nap.
Tillie washed her hair.
Very little breeze.
Ed came over for a while.
In Eve. played Samba with the Collangis. The men won.
Had ice cream & apple turnovers and coffee. Played till 12.30.
Lovely evening.

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