Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mon. Aug 7, 1961

Up at 8.15 and shaved. Had peaches and orange juice and coffee for breakfast. Wrote letters in forenoon.
Raining most of morning. Sun came out about 11.00.
After lunch we went to Dicks and Tillie done the ironing. I went to bank and got some checks and shopped in “Almacs.”
Ronnie and his friend Jeffrey went with me to Newport ice cream Co where I bought a quart of ice cream.
We finished most of it together with Tillie, then put the rest in refrigerator.
Went back to Lins and I Edged walks. Tillie made supper. Then we worked in garden and I talked with the woman next door. Then read paper.
Had supper in yard.
Watched Wells Fargo in Evening.

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