Monday, February 28, 2011

Tues, Feb 28, 1961

65°/83°  6.45/6.20
Went to Laundry, hung it up and then went for a swim.  Water 75°.  Home and took in laundry.  Not very rough.
Tillie ironed in afternoon.  Went to Lindens and had a game of canasta.  Met Anders Bloomquist of Kissimmee.  Had supper there.
Them played High-Low-jack till 9.00 when we left for home.
Beautiful moonlight.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mon, Feb 27, 1961

52°/76°  6.46/6.20
Up at 8.15 and got breakfast.  Sunny.  Tillie up at 9.10 and cleaned house.
Made corn muffins and rice pudding.  Went to beach this noon and a swim.  Water 74° not too rough.
Home and lunch.  Wrote to Janet Hadfried.  Tillie planted cherry plants in front.  I worked on lamp and door catch.
Ed came over for a while. 
Watched T.V. after supper of creamed beef and mashed potatoes and rice pudding and coffee.
To bed at 9.30.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sun, Feb 26, 1961

52°/72°  6.47/6.19
Up at 8.45 and turned heat on.  Moonrise 3.10 P.M.
Watered and hoed this forenoon.
At noon, when the temperature went to 70° we went for a swim.  It was kind of rough.  We were the only ones in swimming.  Quite a few were swimming themselves.
Brought a bottle of water for Collangis.
Had our lunch out in backyard.  Sunny and clear blue sky.
N.W. winds.  Water 73°.
Tillie weeded garden in afternoon.
I had a nap, polished fender of car.
Charlie and Ed were over and talked with them for a while.
Had egg and apple for supper.
Watched T.V.
To bed at 10.30.  Tillie 9.30.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sat, Feb 25, 1961

65°/88°  6.48/6.19
Up at 7.30 and got breakfast.
Very windy and partly cloudy.  Watered plants then went to the beach.
Water 75° and the swimming flag was out so I swam quite a way out.
They were getting ready to put out the life lines.  The wind is from due south and must be 30 M.P.H. but the waves were not so high.
We were home by 11.15 and had a cup of coffee and two buns.
Partly cloudy and the dried pods on the mimosa trees are rattling steadily.
Tillie shampooed her hair.
Slight shower at 1.30 .01” of rain.
In Eve. we went to Collangis and picked them and Mr. Holmes up and went to Mollineaux where we talked and played canasta and samba.
Had coffee, cake, ice cream, cheese on crackers and doughnuts.
We didn’t leave there till 1.00.  I was in bed by 1.45.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fri, Feb 24, 1961

Up at 8.00 and we had orange juice and half a grapefruit and an apple and coffee.
Watered plants. 
Went for a swim, but very rough.
DD42 R.I. car.  From Warren.
Water 76°.  Air 81° .  Sunny and windy.  Home by 11.45 and had bacon and eggs, tomatoes pumpernickel & coffee.
Tillie lay down on couch and read paper.  I had a nap on bed for 1 ½ hours.
Ed came in about 4.00. 
I worked on driftwood lamp.
Had chowder for supper and papay.
Wrote to Frances Parker in Eve.
Tillie watched T.V.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thurs, Feb 23, 1961

73°  6.50/6.18
Moon rises 12.46  Sets 1.47 AM.
Up at 7.30 and squeezed oranges.
Bought flowers to Sally.  She gave me a divided box for my tools.
Very windy but mostly sunny.
After lunch we went to Norton Gallery and looked it over.
Then to Ray Lees.  I took a picture of Tillie in the Oldsmobile, Ray took Tillie for a ride and then me.
Sat and talked for a while then we had a nice ham supper, green beans, sweet potatoes and salad and tea.
In afternoon we had two martinis and later a crème de mint.
Sat and talked and done Exercises.  Nice time.  Saw painted buntings & cardinals.
Home at 9.00 and had cup of coffee and watched T.V.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wed, Feb 22, 1961

72°/85°  6.51/6.17
A light shower about 7.00 AM.  Then sunny.  Up at 7.10 and squeezed oranges.  Sunny and nice.  Watered lawn.  Made shelf for bookcase.  Put crosspiece on screen door.
Went after Edith, shopping on the way.  Sunny and warm.
Went to the beach and went in wading.  Quite rough.
Home and coffee and buns.
A brief shower about 2.45.
Watched Dr. Malone and later watched Loretta Young in “The Farmers Daughter.”
Very good.
Had chowder, salad, papaya and tea for supper.  Watched T.V. for a while.  Took Edith home and were back here before 10.00.
Washed dishes and saw news on T.V.  To bed at 11.15.

Tues, Feb 21, 1961

72°/85°  6.52/6.15
Up at 7.00.  Tillie up at 7.30.  Tillie cleaned up around here.  I washed car.
Then went to bank and put money in checking account.
Then went to Mitchell, the plumber and paid him.
Then went to laundry and washed clothes and a gray rug.  Then went to Kwik Check.
Home and hung up laundry.  Then went for a swim.
Water 75° but rough.
Home and lunch.
Took in washing and transplanted tomatoes.
Ed was here and we had a glass of beer.
Went to Food Fair and bought quahaugs.  Had chicken and rice soup for supper.  Then Tillie made quahaug chowder.
Defrosted refrigerator.
Watched T.V. in between.

Mon, Feb 20, 1961

72°/85°  6.52/6.15
Moon sets 11.58.  Face ached most of night.
Up at 7.00 and shaved and Tillie got up at same time and mixed dough for biscuits.  Nice morning.  Listened to Garroway.
Wrote to Bowmans.
After the biscuits were out of the oven we went for a swim.  Water 75°.  Rough so only waded.  Took a shower.  Home and gave Sally 6 biscuits.
Warm and sunny.
Had a nap late in afternoon.
Ed came in for half hour.
Watched Huntley Brinkley while Eating supper.
Warm today.

Sun, Feb 19, 1961

71°/82°  6.53/6.15
Up at 7.45 and had my breakfast and read paper & shaved.
Tillie up at 8.30.
At 10.00 we went for a swim.
Partly cloudy.
We only waded as it was very rough.  25 mile S.E. wind.  Water 73°.
Home and lunch.
Then went to Lindens and Had coffee & cake.  Then played a game of canasta.
Then went to Lees and sat talking with them till 6.15.  Had a glass of beer.  Home and supper then watched T.V.
Nice moonlight.

Sat, Feb 18, 1961

70°/82°  6.54/6.14
Up at 6.30 and got breakfast ready.  Tillie left at 7.30 for Wrightmans.  Read paper.  Spread winter rye seed and raked it in.  Then watered yard.
Painted DeCiccos dark spots on East wall.
Cut down DeCiccos  ixora hedge to about 12”.
Tillie came home about 3.15 and arranged flowers she brought home.  Gave a bouquet to Dixie and one to Sally.  Went for a swim but waterway rough. 
Home and Tillie made supper.
Stayed home in Eve and watched T.V. while Tillie ironed.  To bed at 10.00. 
Saw moon in west.
Venus bright star in west.

Fri, Feb 17, 1961

69°/81°  6.55/6.13
Up at 6.30 and got breakfast.  Partly cloudy.  Put numbers back on door.  Read paper.
Walked downtown and cashed a check and took money out of bank and put it in checking account.
Walked home and looked over one of the new houses on 23rd St.
Looked over boat yard.  Saw a sloop from Providence.
Left home at 11.20 and was home at 2.00.
Painted trim that was sprayed by roof painters.
Tillie came home at 3.20.
Sally gave us 3 mackerel. 
Had coffee with Tillie.  She left at 5.20.  I had a nap till 6.30.  Then watched T.V. and read till Tillie came home.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thurs, Feb 16, 1961

58°/80°  6.56/6.13
Up at 6.30 and Tillie left at 7.30.  Took Laundry with her.  Sunny and nice.  Read paper.
Painted front door.  Watered plants.  Wrote to Frank Foye.
Walked downtown and met Tillie at the laundry where she done the laundry.
Home and hung it out.  Ed came over and stayed till 7.00.  The roofers came and sprayed the roof with aluminum.  Three men and a truck.
Watched T.V. and read paper.  Tillie home at 10.20.
To bed at 11.30.

Wed, Feb 15, 1961

61°/81°  6.57/6.12
Up at 6.30 and got Tillie off at 7.35.  Sunny and nice with some clouds.  Watered crotons.
Finished painting patio trim.  Hoed garden.  Wrote to Dick.  Tillie took Edith to the doctor so it was later when she came home.  Ed stopped in for a while.  Brought some flowers over to Sally and some to Dixie.
Sunny and warm all day.
Watched T.V. after finishing Dick’s letter.
Tillie came home about 9.45.
To bed at 10.15.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tues, Feb 14, 1961

53°/77°  6.57/6.11
Nice morning.  Henry and Alma were up so we had breakfast before Tillie left.  They packed and left at 8.40.  Dot Larken came over and brought the syrup container back.  Dot missed the Bergs by a minute.
I took a walk over to see Jacksons swere installed.  Also stopped at Strakers and watched them building a Florida room.
Tillie came home about 3.30, so, after arranging the flowers she brought a bouquet over to Sally. 
Tillie and I went to the beach and had a swim.  Water 72°.
Home and supper of the buttermilk and steak & sandwiches.
Fine weather all day.
Tillie home at 10.25.
To bed at 11.40.
Had a nap in afternoon.
Still have the pains, whenever I press on the left side of my head.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mon, Feb 13, 1961

48°/75°  6.58/6.11
Sunny and clear.  Up at 6.30 and got breakfast.  Tillie left for work at 7.30.
Henry Alma and I went down town to get alligators, but couldn’t get any.  So we went to Waite’s Alligator Farm and they ordered two alligators to be shipped as soon as it was warm enough.  Then home and while Henry went to have his car washed Alma made lunch.
Tillie came home about 3.30 and we all went to the beach.  Alma Tillie and I went in swimming.  Water 73°.  Then home and Tillie left for work around 5.40.  the rest of us had supper and watched T.V.
The Bergs began packing. 
To bed at 11.30 and I read the paper.

Sun, Feb 12, 1961

42°/75°  6.59/6.10
Up at 6.30 and cold.  60° in house.  Had heat on till 10.00.  Tillie left for work at 7.30.
Henry, Alma and I went to Vachon Groves and looked over fruit.  Went to beach first.  Many people there.  Calm all day.  Bright and sunny.
Home and Alma had dinner ready in a little while.  Tillie came home at 3.45 and we sat on patio and had our dinner.  Tillie brought home some buttermilk.  She went back at 5.30.  Henry and I went to canal and Henry fished.  Didn’t catch anything.
It was up to 114° in the sun in backyard.  Helped a couple of negros get their car out of the sand.
Home and at 7.30 we three had coffee and some Wrightsman sandwiches. 
Watched T.V. in Evening.
Tillie home at 10.30.

Sat, Feb 11, 1961

48°/60°  6.59/6.09
Up at 6.20 and got breakfast for Tillie.  Cloudy and cool.  Tillie left at 7.30 for Wrightsmans, where she is going to work for a few days.
Henry & Alma got up about 8.00 and we had oranges toast & coffee and Henry had Grape nut flakes.
Henry and I left at 10.00 and went to Pokrhee & Canal point and on the way back Henry fished in different places in the canal all the way home.
At McArthurs, while he was fishing he had to show his license to the conservation officer.  Fished off Military Trail.  Got home at 4.00.
Tillie was home and had flowers.  Had beans and sauerkraut. 
Then Henry and I went to Kwick Chek and bought some beer and picked up Henry’s suit at cleaners.
Later on Mollineaux came and then the Collangis.  Six of us played canasta while Henry looked on.  Then Alma began getting the coffee ready and Henry took her place.
Tillie came home at 10.40 and then we sat down to coffee.  Later on we all sat in living room and talked till 12.00.  Alma washed dishes while I wiped and Tillie irrigated.  We got to bed at 12.40.
Cold.  Still have those pains once in a while.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fri, Feb 10, 1961

50°  7.00/6.09
Up at 7.45 and turned heat on.  Had orange juice toast and coffee.  Cloudy.  Took a ride down town and the women went shopping.  Henry went to Court House and got a fishing license.
Then took car to Rambler Co and had it greased.
Then back and picked up women and then went to Kwik Check and shopped. 
Home and lunch.
Then Henry and I went fishing in the canal but no luck.
Home and the women were out shopping.  Had steak for supper, a daiquiri first.  After dishes were done we had a game of canasta.  Then tea & coffee with cookies.
Tillie irrigated while we wrote.

Thurs, Feb 9, 1961

51°/65°  7.01/6.08
Up at 7.45 and turned heat on.  Had orange juice, toast and coffee.  Henry had grape nut flakes.
We left about 10.00 for Ft. Myers.  We stopped at sugar factory and went thru it.  Then went to Lehigh Acres and found Ray’s land and looked it over.  Went thru Ft. Myers and in Tice we stopped for lunch of shrimp and scallops.  Tillie and I done most of the driving.  Stopped in Mays & shopped.
Had coffee, tea and sandwiches when we got home at 9.00.
Watched Groucho Marx then the news.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wed, Feb 8, 1961

65°/72°  7.02/6.07
Up at 7.45 and got oranges & coffee ready.  Sunny but cool with strong N.W. winds blowing.
Watched Garraway.
The plumber, Mitchell came this morning and connected us to the sewer.  It took four men from 8.00 to 5.00 to do it.  Iron pipe.
Alma and Henry came here at 3.15 while we were having coffee.  I gave the three negroes coffee and banana bread.
We sat up and talked till 11.00.  Nice time.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tues, Feb 7, 1961

Up at 8.00 and listened to Garroway.  Read paper and wrote.
A few drops of rain fell in morning.  Clouded up at 9.30.
Went to the laundry.  Ed went with us.  After hanging out clothes we had lunch of pancakes that I made, Ed had lunch with us.
I painted inside of patio in afternoon.  It blew very hard, so the clothes dried quickly.  Gus came over for a while and we started to talk politics and we talked so long that Elizabeth came over.  Otto Leonard came over for a few minutes also.
I painted till about 5.00.  It rained for a while but only about .2” of rain fell.
In Eve. watched T.V. till 9.00 then Tillie irrigated and I wrote.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mon, Feb 6, 1961

65°/75°  7.03/6.05
Up at 7.45 and had breakfast.  Sunny and cool.
Read paper.
Chinese year 4659 begins Feb 15.  Year of the Ox.
Wrote to Virginia Dore.
Went to bank and paid on mortgage.
Shopeed in W.P. and Kwik Chek. 
Home and lunch.
I painted trim.  Had a light supper.
At 7.30 picked up Mr. Holmes and we went to Recreation Center and attended meeting of R.B. Citizens Club.
Mr. & Mrs. Nystrom and Mr. & Mrs. Hanson joined the club.  Mr. Fritchie is president.  Mr. Jaeger spoke on the budget.  Had coffee & doughnuts.
Then home at 10.45. listened to news and then to bed.
Sprinkled a little in Eve.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sun, Feb 5, 1961

60°/73°  7.04/6.05
Up at 8.45 and it was 69° then sun shining then.  At 10.00 it began to cloud up.
Tillie swept the yard.  I cut front lawn, got breakfast and read paper.
At 2.00 we went to see Edith Bursai (?) and spent the afternoon talking with her and George.  Cool.  Edith gave us some flowers.  Read the N.Y. Times and had coffee and a pear for supper.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sat, Feb 4, 1961

59°/70°  7.04/6.04
Rained all night off and on.  Still only .8” of rain has fallen up to 10.00 A.M.  Up at 8.00 and got breakfast ready.
Tillie made kumquat marmalade.  Also 3 glasses of kumquat preserve.
I went to Food Fair and got some pamafine (?).  Still misting but cleared up a little later.
Dot & Ray Lee stopped in for an hour or so and sat talking.
Ed stopped in later on when we were having supper.
Later on we went to Collangis and then the Mollineaux came and we played “Samba,” then later on “Crazy Eight.”
Had cake, ice cream and coffee.
Home at 12.30.  Cloudy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fri, Feb 3, 1961

70°/81°  7.05/6.03
Up at 7.30 and Tillie at 8.00.  After breakfast Tillie cleaned out oven and racks, while I defrosted the refrigerator.  Then read paper.
It was 70° at 8.00 and sunny.
Went to the beach at 12.30.  Water 72°.  Strong South winds, went for a swim.  Undertow strong.  Home and lunch.  Had a nap for an hour.  Rained hard in afternoon.
Watched T.V. in Even.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thurs, Feb 2, 1961

56°/75°  7.05/6.03
Up at 7.30 and had our orange juice and coffee.  Watered plants.  Then went to Wards and bought a tire for spare. 
Then to Penneys and bought a drape and rod.
Picked up my car plate. 
Went to Photo shop and ordered pictures.  Cloudy all day.
Painted in afternoon after lunch.  Tillie planted cherries in front.
In Evening went to Larkens and spent Evening with them.  We brought some Maple syrup to give to them.
Home at 10.30 and I went right to bed.  Very few twinges today.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wed, Feb 1, 1961

53°/74°  7.06/6.01
Up at 1.00 and read for a while.  Tillie also got up.  Had a cup of warm milk and went back to bed at 2.00.  Up this morning at 8.15.  Tillie made biscuits and rice pudding this morning.
Sunny and around 58°.
At 1.30 we went after Hilda & Helga and brought them here and had a drink and then sat talking till 5.30 when we had a nice dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, beets, Tillie’s biscuits and rice pudding and coffee.  Took them home at 9.00 and we got back at 10.45.
Beautiful full moon.
Hired Mitchell the plumber to lay our sewer pipe.