Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mon. Aug. 14, 1961

Up at 7.45. Beautiful morning. Bert took Linnea to work at 8.00. We packed up and left about 9.20 and were home at 10.50.
Lin was home and we had lunch in the yard.
Then went to Carls and then we went to the beach. Back and had coffee and cookies and cheese.
Francis & Valerie came over for a while and we talked about our family. Left there about 7.15 and went to Sanders where we sat and talked about our family. Later on had coffee & coffee bread.
They gave us a lot of gladiolas and we left there about 9.45.
Stopped at Pettersons and gave htem some flowers, then went home.
Gave some glads to Evelyn Fredericks and Tillie and I sat talking to them till 11.20. Lin went to bed right after we got home.
We got home and to bed at 11.30.

Sun. Aug 13, 1961

Up at 8.00 and shaved and had Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Read paper. Left for Misquamit Beach down 102 to 3. Stopped for lunch in a grove on #1. Had a drink first then sandwiches & coffee.
Went in swimming twice. Water about 65°. Sunny and clean. We could see Block Island. Lay on sand till 4.00. On the way home we stopped and changed our clothes and had a drink.
Had another drink when we got home.
Had lobster a la Newburg and peas and raspberry short cake with whipped cream.
Showed my slides in Eve.
To bed at 10.00 and Tillie irrigated.
My head has ached very little since last Wednesday and then only lightly.

Sat. Aug. 12, 1961

Up at 8.00 and shaved and got ready. Left at 9.30 and went to Merit Station and filled up.
gas 12. gal 2.95
oil 2 qt 1.04 87741
Arrived at Francis St at 11.00. Picked up two sailors and took them to Worcester.
Had lunch and a couple of drinks. Took a ride at 4.30 to the country along beautiful shady roads. At 6.00 stopped to see Bertha. She still lives in the past. Then back to the house and dinner.
Later on played canasta. Turned cool towards Evening but nice weather. Parked car in church parking lot.
To bed at 11.45. Tillie irrigated.
5285 6005
6100 4260
6230 4855
17615 15120
Parked car in parking lot.

Fri. Aug 11 1961

Up at 7.45 and Tillie up at 8.00. I fixed window in dining room with new sash cord.
Sunny and warm. Tillie irrigated at 8.30 this morning.
Went to Dr. Carlson at 11.30 and he cleaned our teeth. Then we went to laundry and had that done. Then went to Dicks and hung them out. Ronnie and Robin came in later on.
It was hot this afternoon. Robin and Ronnie played a game of chess. Evelyn didn’t have anything to be ironed.
None of the beds upstairs were made. Went home and I Edged East garden.
Had dinner in yard.
80° in the house in Eve.
Went to bed at 10.00 1-2

Thurs. Aug. 10, 1961

Up at 8.00 and put in sash cord in two windows in our room.
After lunch we were going to see Louise Griggs but my battery was dead so had to go up to Sunoco Sta. and he came down and got me going and let me take a battery and I went to Parente’s and bought a new battery. Then started out for Louise’s and got there at 4.00 and sat talking with her till 5.30 and had coffee.
Home at 6.00 and we had corn for supper. Sat out in yard for quite a while.
Then in. I listened to T.V. To bed at 10.30.

Wed, Aug. 9, 1961

Up at 7.15 and Tillie irrigated I Edged driveway.
Went to bank & cashed our check then I replanted a maple tree. Sunny & warm.
Tillie made a lemon meringue pie. Went to Dicks in afternoon and Lin came up in Eve.
When Dick came home we had a martini and then had a lobster dinner out in the yard. Nice, warm Evening.
Were home at 10.00.

Tues., Aug 8, 1961

Up at 8.15 and had peaches for breakfast. Edged back of garden.
Went to Joan Johnsons and sat talking with her for a couple of hours. Saw Pauline Zimmerman. Then back home and got dinner ready. Lin came home about 5.30. Had supper in yard.
Went to Bob Lynchs in Evening and stayed there till 11.30. Bob looks good and has lost a lot of weight. Joan and her boy friend, Butler (?), came in about 11.15 and we had a pleasant chat. Joan in getting married in Sept.
This noon Tillie picked up her glasses at the Strand Apt. Co.

Mon. Aug 7, 1961

Up at 8.15 and shaved. Had peaches and orange juice and coffee for breakfast. Wrote letters in forenoon.
Raining most of morning. Sun came out about 11.00.
After lunch we went to Dicks and Tillie done the ironing. I went to bank and got some checks and shopped in “Almacs.”
Ronnie and his friend Jeffrey went with me to Newport ice cream Co where I bought a quart of ice cream.
We finished most of it together with Tillie, then put the rest in refrigerator.
Went back to Lins and I Edged walks. Tillie made supper. Then we worked in garden and I talked with the woman next door. Then read paper.
Had supper in yard.
Watched Wells Fargo in Evening.

Sun Aug 6, 1961

Up at 9.00 and shaved. Lin left for church at 9.15 with the Pettersons. Cloudy and foggy.
Had peaches and orange juice for breakfast. Went to Salters and had dinner there. Then Salter took us to Briggs Beach. It cleared up later on and we went in swimming. Water 70°, the warmest Salter has Ever felt it there.
So we spent all afternoon there. About 6.00 we went to Sakonnett Point and looked it over. Then home to Salters. Had supper there.
A very pleasant day.
Home at 9.30.

Sat. Aug 5, 1961

Up at 6.15 and saw Dick off at 6.45. Finished prunes and had coffee. Wrote in diary. Head still hurts when I chew. Cloudy. Cleaned our room. Packed the car and left for Lins after Dick came home.
Carried in the bureau that Shepards had delivered and the Fredericks had taken in their house when it threatened to rain.
In Eve. Larry and family came over and put Lin’s door awning together. To bed at 9.00. Slept fine.

Fri, Aug 4, 1961

Cloudy and cool this morning. Took Evelyn to work. Read the paper. Wrote to Collangis.
At 11.00 went to Tils and stayed there till 3.00. Had lunch there. Very nice to see her again. Cloudy and no wind. Then went to Alma’s and spent the Evening there. Saw Bud & Reina, Kurt and stood on my head for them.
Had chowder & Eels for supper. Henry had to go to the doctors at 5.00.
Carolyn & Bob Salter came down later on and we sat talking all Eve. Had coffee. Left at 10.45.

Thurs, Aug 3, 1961

Up at 6.00 and took Evelyn to work. Rained for a while. Read a little. Peeled potatoes. Tillie sliced ham. Edna was here for supper. Showed slides in Eve. Evelyn took Edna home at 9.30. I watched Groucho Marx. Tillie ironed today.
My head still aches when I Eat and has for months.

Wed, Aug 2, 1961

Up at 6.00 and took Evelyn to work. Dick left at 6.20.
Had breakfast when I came back. Worked in yard from 10.00 till 1.00. Had potato salad and bread pudding for dinner.
About 3.00 we went to Foyes and spent the Eve with them. Showed our slides. Had macaroni and meatballs and stuffed pepper for supper. Edele and her husband came up for a while.
Got home at 10.50.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tues. Aug 1, 1961

Up at 6.30. Took Evelyn to work. Danas mother came over and got under the hair drier. Worked in yard for 4 hours. Went down town and Tillie went to optometrist and had her eyes tested. I went over to Carls and waited there till Tillie came.
Packed car up on Washington St. In Eve had martinis. Had chowder for supper. Evelyn cut my hair. To bed at 10.00.

Mon. July 31 1961

Up at 6.45 and took Evelyn to work. Home and breakfast. Tillie up and ironing.
I took Evelyn to work at 7.00. Tillie was ironing and ironed all morning, then the heat got too much for her and she had to lie down.
I went up after my pants at St. Onges. Opened the Quahaugs and peeked potatoes for chowder.
Stayed home in afternoon and had a short nap.
In Eve. Chris brought his slides over and the children were all here.
To bed at 10.15. Rained in Eve.

Sun. July 30, 1961

Up at 8.20 and shaved and dressed Tillie a little later. Sunny and nice. Went to Sanders and had a chicken dinner there. Later on played canasta. Had steamed clams for supper. Nice day. Brought home a lot of flowers. Was held up at Washington Bridge for 5 min as a boat went thru. Were home at 9.45.

Sat. July 29, 1961:

Up and out when we heard the bugle blowing reveille and went down to the house and had breakfast.
Then off to North Conway and up around the Mountains and over to Barre, then down down along 5 to Mass. Over to 9 and Worcester then 146 to 5 to Lins around 10.00.
We stopped in Leicester on Route 9 and had dinner in the “Castle,” a nice restaurant. After we dropped Lin off we went to Dicks and stayed there over night.
Had a few showers on the way down.

Fri. July 28, 1961

Up at 7.00, shaved and went down for a shower. Then wrote. Partly cloudy. Had breakfast at 8.30 then went up to Sue Ellen. Walked around the point and had some blueberries.
Went up to see the rooms in cabin or the old barn.
Had lunch at 12.30 of Tuna fish salad. In afternoon read paper and then had a swim.
Later on took a ride to North Conway. Went canoeing in Evening with the women. Went up to the old barn where they had a movie going on.
Then went up to our room #2 Lin’s #1. Just two cots in our room.
I slept fine.

Thurs. July 27, 1961.

Up at 6.30 and shaved. Got our things ready and went to St. Onge in Garden City and bought two pair of pants. Then back and started off for Lins. On Route 5 I came too close to a truck that was parked there and scraped the right side of the car.
Picked up the mail at Lins then went to Newport and picked up Lin at Nada Fields and then headed north on 138. At Fall River we took 24 to 128 and around Boston to 93 to 28 and so up to East Madison and Hoyts. Had a lobster cookout with salad, pickles, rolls and melted butter. We Each had a lobster and then an Extra one divided. Then iced tea.
Sat on porch till Milton came home and talked with him for a while. Then he took us for a ride to his motor boat and took us out on the lake. The full moon was out.
A dozen young people were sitting around a fire telling ghost stories. So I told mine. Had a nice evening. 65° in Eve. Water 76°

Wed. July 26, 1961

Up at 7.30 and shaved and wrote a couple of cards. Sun came out about 10.00.
Went back for a swim. Opened quauhags and made chowder. Elliot came home about 5.00. Had some quahaugs on the half shell.
Sat and talked till about 8.45 and then we left for Dick, Ronald and Dana stayed down there.
Arrived at Dicks at 9.30.

Tuesday July 25, 1961

Thundering Early this morning. Then began to rain hard. Got up at 7.45 and shaved and then had my coffee and then wrote.
Tillie, Ronald, Dana and I went to Elliotts place on Jamestown. Were down at the rocks most of the time. Took a ride to town and shopped.
Went in swimming. Water 67°.
Foggy all day. To bed at 11.00.

Mon. July 24, 1961

Up at 8.45. Cloudy and cool. Tillie up too. Dick left for work at 6.50. Linda at 9.15.
Had toast and coffee for breakfast. Then took Evelyn to Viola Gill where she picked up the Pontiac.
Then we went to Lins house but she was at the hairdressers. We stopped at Virginias for a short while then picked up Lin. We had dinner then sat in yard and talked while Lin sewed on her dress.
After supper we went to Pettersons and watched slides of Bermuda that they took last Feb.
Home at 10.00

Sun. July 23, 1961.

Up at 7.45 and shaved. Reginald stayed here overnight. He and Linda left here, he in his car, Linda in the Pontiac. Dick, Eve, Ronnie and Gail stayed at Bergs last night.
Linda and Reg. left about 10.15 for someplace. He has to go back to Off. Training Camp in Newport this afternoon.
Tillie was ironing this morning. Beautiful morning. Tillie ironed till about 3.00.
Then we left for Carls about 3.45. Went to the beach with them and rowed out to middle. Carl rowed back. Ken, Val, Francis were in swimming when we got back.
Up to Carls and supper. Then we four left for Kens.
They had company from California. Sat and talked there for a while then left for home.
Dick and family were home. Watched T.V. till 10.30 then to bed.

Sat. July 22, 1961.

Up at 7.00. Dick Eve and Ronnie left about 10.00 for Harold Bergs. We went to Arthur Dore’s and went out in his boat, with Carol, Andrea and Buddy, Tillie and I. Virginia and Arthur. He had a depth Finder and ship to shore radio. Went swimming off Prudence Island. Afterwards we had lunch of macaroni and Tuna Fish Salad & Coffee. He has a new Gas Stove.
The young ones were in the water most of the time. Water on top 76°, below 70°. Cruised around Prudence Island. Very Calm all day, but hazy. I steered from where we lunched until we reached Coninicut Point where he anchored and Tillie and the rest of them went in swimming Except Arthur and I.
Had sandwiches and coffee for supper.
Home at about 9.30. Andrea, Tillie and Virginia took the two teenagers home to Norwood.
Then back to the house and we had a lemonade together.
Then home at 10.00. Slept fine.

Fri. July 21, 1961.

Up at 7.00 and worked around yard. We all went to Harold Bergs place on Salt Pond and spent the afternoon and Evening with them. Went sailing in the sailfish with Dick, then with Tillie – and then with Jean. Tipped over a couple of times with it. Had a nice chicken barbeque.
Warm all day. Over 90° in the city. Went in swimming. Water about 75°. Left about 9.00. Gail stayed down there.
Home and to bed. Slept fine.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thurs, July 20, 1961

Up at 7.30 and had coffee and something to eat. We left the Motel at 9.00 and went to the Garden State N.J. Parkway and got on it and drove to Garden State Parkway and followed that to Lincoln Tunnel. It was nice when we started but began to rain when we neared New York and it turned dark and rained harder and harder. Got into N.Y. and all lights were on, as it was as dark as late Evening. It was beautiful but the traffic was very heavy and we couldn’t find a place to park and it rained so hard we couldn’t get out. Saw the Public Library and the U.N. Building.
Went up over the Harlem River and over to the Conn. Turnpike and so home, arriving about 3.30.
Went to Greenwood Inn for supper. Home an to bed at 11.00.

Wed. July 19, 1961

Up and out at 8.00. Had breakfast in Annapolis and then went to Naval Academy and looked that over then went route 40 to Atlantic City, stopping for a snack, by the road about 1.00.
Got a Motel, the B&L, on #40, at 3.30 and then went to Atlantic City and wandered up and down there till about 6.30 when we stopped at Kents and had a nice supper.
Then walked up and down the Boardwalk till 9.00 when we left and went to Motel where we had coffee and so to bed.
Moon out in Eve.

Tues, July 18, 1961

Up at 8.00 and shaved and Dick came over then and started out at 10.00 and went to Washington.
Saw the crowd in front of the White House so we bought some food and went to the Smithsonian Institute.
Then at Jeffersons Memorial we had lunch. There went to the Money Printing Plant. Then to Mt. Vernon and went thru that.
Evelyn was stung by a bee on her foot. Gail had a belly ache.
Stopped on our way to Annapolis and had a drink. Couldn’t find a motel.
At 9.00 we found one “The Gables.” 1422 West Street, Annapolis, Maryland. Where we got rooms. Then went to the Restaurant, and had supper, a drink first.
Then back and to bed. We had 2nd floor and Dick and family the 3d floor.

Mon, July 17, 1961

Cloudy and foggy. Got up at 4.00 and left at 5.00 and went over Conn. Turnpike, Garden State Turnpike, N.J. Turnpike and over #40 to Washington where we got a room in Del Hasen White House Hotel where we got two cabins for $23.00.
Then went to Washington and went up to see the change of the watch for the unknown soldier.
Went thru Rob. E. Lees home on the Potomac.
Saw the 2110 unknown soldiers killed in the civil war and buried there. Then to the Washington Monument and went up that and Ron, Gail and I walked down.
Then sat on sidewalk and had a martini. Then went to an S & W Cafeteria and had supper. Tillie and I paid
Supper 4.20
Sugar .19
Gum .10
Expenses 14.70
Orange juice .43
Rolls .38

Sun, July 16, 1961

Cloudy and rainy. Up at 7.00 and took Ronnie & Dana over their paper route. Dick went with us.
Raining most of forenoon. Stayed home and then went after Lin at 1.00 and took her over for dinner. We sang Happy Birthday. Gail wasn’t feeling good.
Had a ham dinner. Stayed in and talked, then most of us had a nap.
Took Lin home around 7.00 then home, packed and went to bed.

Sat, July 15, 1961

5.23 / 8.19
Up at 7.40 and shaved. Cloudy. Dick went to work at 7.00. Went to store at 9.00 and bought a garbage pail.
Tillie ironed. I hung out clothes.

Fri, July 14, 1961

Up at 7.15 and shaved and then had my breakfast and wrote in diary. Cloudy in morning.
Tillie made chowder and then had dinner of the leavings in refrigerator.
Rained quite hard for a while. Took Ronnie up to paper pick up. Later on took him up to deliver 1 paper.
Stayed home in Evening. Listened to “A Way of thinking.”
To bed at 10.30.

Thurs, July 13, 1961

Up at 7.30 and shaved and took dogs out. Then made pancakes for breakfast. Kind of hazy out.
Judy and Til groomed “Coquette.” Tillie irrigated about 10.00 this A.M. Had coffee about 11.30 on porch. Took some pictures.
Left about 12.30 and went to Harrisons and spent the afternoon with them. Three women came in later on, two from Boynton Beach, May, a retired school teacher, another retired telephone operator and Mrs. _____ from Riverside.
Lew made short bread biscuits and built fire in the yard and roasted hot dogs and hamburgers and we had coffee and later on Strawberry short cake with whipped cream. Sat and talked till about 7.30 when the women left. We left at 8.00 and were home at 9.40.
Dick and Evelyn had company from Chicago and we had a drink and sat talking till 10.30 when they left. To bed at 11.00.
The Dalys and their families.
Also the Stones. The two women are sisters.

Wed, July 12, 1961

5.22 / 8.21
Up at 7.45 and shaved. Slept fine. I made pancakes and we had breakfast at 9.00. Sunny and nice.
Went to beach. Very windy and rough. Water 72°. So we went in for a swim after sitting around in the sun for a while.
Then home and a cup of coffee. Had lunch later. Tillie had a nap. Took a ride up to town and bought some candles and jewelry.
Home and played “Crazy Eight” then dressed and went to “Moby Dick” for a lobster dinner.
Beautiful ride through the towns. After dinner rode to Hyannis.
At Moby Dicks, Judy found a ticket to see officer #33 to see him. So we went over and all he wanted was to find out what kind of a car it was and all about it. So we talked with him quite a while and he gave Judy his name and address. Home about 10.30.

Tues, July 11, 1961

Up at 6.00. Linda has her vacation this week. Dick left at 6.30, Evelyn at 7.00 and we at 7.20. Went thru Fall River and New Bedford followed 6 then right to Hyannis then #28 to Bass River. A couple of streets beyond bridge turned right on Fisk St. followed that to Surfside Village, turned left and then first right to Santucket road #7-C.
Judy has her new car “Singer” YR-3 R.I. a British car. Mrs. Collins, Mark & Bink came about 11.00 and we sat down to a cup of coffee and a Danish pastry. Judy took the two boys for a ride.
They left about 1.00.
We took a ride to “Moby Dick” and place where they sell souveniers. Wandered around for a while then home and supper.
Judy and I took a ride to the beach.
To bed at 11.00.

Mon, July 10, 1961

Up at 5.30 and shaved. Back to bed and then up at 6.10 and fried eggs for Dick, Evelyn, Linda, Reginald and myself. Fried bananas for Linda and Regi. They went to the Cape while I took Evelyn to work. Dick left early. Nice, cool, sunny day.
In Eve, Elliot & Esther came for supper. Tillie and stuffed a turkey and baked it. So, after a couple of drinks, we had a nice supper.
I showed my latest slides in Evening.
To bed at 10.30.

Sun, July 9, 1961

Up at 8.00 and Dick, Evelyn, Tillie, Ronald, Gail and I went to Jamestown, to Elliotts. Ronald drove. Esther had made potato salad and we had hot dogs, saurkrout, hamburg and salad.
Later on had coffee. Went to the beach. Linda and Reginald came later.
Ronnie and Reg. went in swimming with their pants on. I took some pictures.
Stopped and talked with LaChance. We all lay on the rocks for a while then to the house, where Tillie and Esther had a sleep. Dick lay down in his car for a sleep. Had sandwiches and coffee.
Left about 7.30 and Dick drove. Stopped at Wickford and looked over the boats. Also the beautiful restaurant there.
Stopped at East Greenwich Cove and looked at boats.
Showed my latest slides in Eve. To bed at 10.45.
Regi slept in basement with Ronnie. Partly cloudy most of day.
Sun came out late in afternoon. Calm.

Sat, July 8, 1961

60°/72° 29.98 Bar.
Misting this morning and didn’t clear up till near noon. Dick had to work but Evelyn didn’t. Gail, Evelyn and I took a ride around and shopped. Home and I edged the trees and the rose bush.
Sun was out in afternoon. Cool this morning.
Went to Lins and picked up our checks. Talked with Mr. Fredericks.
Picked up Linda at work. Linda and her boyfriend Reginald went to see “Exodus.” I took Evelyn and Gail to Park Theatre to see Marlon Brando “One Eyed Jacks.”
Tillie and I stayed home. Dick came home at 10.00.

Fri, July 7, 1961

Up at 5.30 and shaved, then back to bed. Up at 7.10 and had peaches and cheese and coffee. Then edged plants in front. Worked till 2.00.
In evening Dick came home at 6.30. Had Edna here for the Evening. Pleasant time.

Thurs, July 6, 1961

Up at 8.00 and took Tillie up to Viola Gills, where Linda gave her hair a set. I went after milk and some peaches.
Then went after Tillie and we went to Apponaug P.O. and got my Nat. Geo. Mag. Then we went to Hadfields and spent some time with them. Arthur was home.
Then home and Tillie took in laundry and ironed it. I edged stepping stones and trimmed hedge.
Had supper with family. Dick came home at 6.30.
Watched T.V. after 8.30.
To bed at 10.45.

Wed, July 5, 1961

Edged walk. Trimmed hedge. Tillie ironed.
In Eve. went to Lin’s and were there a couple of hours.
Partly cloudy.

Tues, July 4, 1961

Up at 7.30. Left at 9.00 in the Volkswagon, Dick, Evelyn, Tillie and I went to Bristol and packed the car by the boatshop and walked over to “The Tide” where we sat down beside Archie & Ruth Peterson and Oscar and Lily Jacobson and watched the parade. Quite a mob there.
Nicest day we have had.
Looked over the boats. Got home at about 2.30. Stopped at Marcellos and had dinner.
Watched Ronnie set off some fireworks.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mon, July 3, 1961

Evelyn went to work today. Dick, Gail, Tillie and I went to Carls. Went swimming in the cove. Water 75°. Frances, Val & Kenneth went in swimming too. We all had dinner at Carls. Gail went home with Dick.
Carl, Fannie, Tillie and I took a ride over to see Jennie & Raymond for a while.
Then went to Annettes and saw them. Alice and Kenneth Johnson came over later on and we had coffee.

Sun, July 2, 1961

Took Dick and Evelyn to dinner at “Twin Oaks.” Stayed home in Eve. In afternoon went to Gaspee Point and went in swimming. Water 75°. Dick and Eve. also got sunburnt.

Sat, July 1, 1961

Up at 7.30 and took Linda to work at 7.30. Ronnie, Gail and Dana went with me.
Stayed around the house. Evelyn cut my hair. She cut Ronnie’s and three other boys hair. She gave them a pineapple haircut.

Fri, June 30, 1961

Up at 6.45 and saw Dick & Evelyn off. Had half a grapefruit and a piece of toast, coffee and some prunes.
Tillie ironed & cleaned house.
I went to bank and got a check. Nice and warm. Walked to store and Chris followed. Met Ronnie and his girl with a few other young people.
Home and then went to Town with Gail and another girl.
Warm weather.
At 5.50 we drove to Lins and picked her and Virginia up and drove to Brown University Stadium. Parked car on Elmgrove Ave. by the Gym. Waited at the gate till 8.00 when they opened the gate.
We were the first ones in.
We brought our big blanket and doubled it and sat on it.
It clouded up and lightning showed in the west. They had a chorus singing, presented the champions in the childrens class with their prizes.
Floats, girl scouts, boy scouts paraded by. Girls twirled their batons very well, then fireworks, very nice, with bombs Exploding.
There was plenty of lightning zig zaging in the clouds. The prettiest lightning Exhibition I’ve seen.
It began raining about 9.30 so we covered the six of us with the blanket but by 9.30 it rained so hard they closed the show and the waited inside while I went for the car and picked them up on the side street. Then we all went to Newport Ice Cream Parlor and had ice cream. It stopped raining then and we took Lin and Virginia home. We got back about 11.30.

Thurs, June 29, 1961

Dick left for work about 6.00. I up and shaved and then Ronnie drove Evelyn to Gorhams, I with them. Then Ronnie drove home.
About 8.45 I drove my car, with Ronnie, to ¬¬¬¬______ Hill corner of _____ and Sunset St. and a State Road Man was there and Ronnie drove the car with the inspector for a few min. Then I drove him to the State Auto Licence Bureau and Ronnie went in and got his licence, while I waited in the car. I drove around for a while, then picked him up and went home.
I looked over old newspapers, had an English muffin with jam and a cup of coffee.
Had a peach and two oranges for breakfast.
Washed car in afternoon.
Gail went to see “Gone with the Wind” but didn’t feel good. When she came home she went to bed. Evelyn, Tillie and I had supper together. Ronnie went to show in Evening. Dick came home at 10.00. I watched T.V. in Evening.
Tillie ironed most of day.
To bed at 10.30.

Wed, June 28, 1961

Up at 6.30. Dick and Evelyn and Ronnie already up. Sunny and nice. Tillie cleaned up and about 11.00. We went to Tils and saw her. She has new drapes, new record cabinet, new end tables, coffee table and it looks very nice.
Judy came home for lunch and we had a nice lunch together. Sat and talked till about 3.00.
It was nice to see them again. We went to Martha Lawsons in East Greenwich and left Edith Bensons T.V. and two other boxes and a geranium.
Had coffee and piece of cake. Left about 4.30 and saw an accident on Post Road. A utility pole was snapped off. Went up route 5 and it has been widened and resurfaced. They are building a new bridge for it.
Went to Lins and unloaded all surplus stuff. Stopped at Larry’s and had a drink with them.
Then to Dicks. Had dinner with Evelyn and Tillie.
Took Ronald to back road and he practiced driving in my car. Dick came home later. He took us for a ride in my car to _____ Hill, Ronnie driving all the way. He stalled frequently.
Home and to bed by 10.00.

Tues, June 27, 1961

Up at 5.00 and dark out and a fine rain.
Had a breakfast of orange juice and hot coffee and were off at 5.40. There was a noise like the muffler was loose, so we drove until we came to an Esso garage at 7.30. Had to wait till 8.00 when the mechanic came.
They found the Exhaust pipe burnt off. They had to send for a new pipe and the got it on at 10.00. In the meanwhile we had gone to a diner and had a piece of pie and coffee and read the paper.
Off at 10.00 and followed Route 6 to Bear Mt. Bridge and up that and through Danbury and thru Conn. We stopped at noon and had hot coffee from the hot water in vacuum bottle and the rest of the chicken Wanda had put up.
Followed 6 to 5 and to Park Ave and so to Dick’s house, where we found Linda and Chris and Gail and her girl friends.
Evelyn came home about 4.00 and Dick later on. So we had a martini and Evelyn got macaroni and meat balls ready.
Frank, Anita and children arrived about 7.00 and after supper, they had coffee and cake with whipped cream.
After dishes were done we sat out in yard at the picnic table where we had our supper, played with basketball and talked. The Foyes went home at 9.30 and we to bed at 10.00.

Mon, June 26, 1961

Up at 6.00 and the five of us had breakfast together. Said farewell and were off at 7.31 about. Up thru Winston (?) to 22 and followed 22 to _____ stopped in a motel, or cabin, “The Midway Motel” on Route 6 between Port Jervis & Milford at 7.45. We had a fog and a fine rain for a while and cloudy all day, though sun tried to come out once in a while.
Had a chicken sandwich that Wanda had put up. In afternoon about 4.00 I took the wheel and had been driving only a few minutes when I threw up the apple I had Eat. I stopped and and Tillie took the wheel. I threw up, off and on, till about 6.00.
Tillie drove till we came to the Motel. Took a shower and Tillie irrigated and to bed, at 9.00, after a supper of hot coffee.
I had the pain in my head, off and on all day.