Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sun, July 9, 1961

Up at 8.00 and Dick, Evelyn, Tillie, Ronald, Gail and I went to Jamestown, to Elliotts. Ronald drove. Esther had made potato salad and we had hot dogs, saurkrout, hamburg and salad.
Later on had coffee. Went to the beach. Linda and Reginald came later.
Ronnie and Reg. went in swimming with their pants on. I took some pictures.
Stopped and talked with LaChance. We all lay on the rocks for a while then to the house, where Tillie and Esther had a sleep. Dick lay down in his car for a sleep. Had sandwiches and coffee.
Left about 7.30 and Dick drove. Stopped at Wickford and looked over the boats. Also the beautiful restaurant there.
Stopped at East Greenwich Cove and looked at boats.
Showed my latest slides in Eve. To bed at 10.45.
Regi slept in basement with Ronnie. Partly cloudy most of day.
Sun came out late in afternoon. Calm.

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