Monday, August 8, 2011

Thursday, June 22, 1961

Up at 7.30. Wanda was up. Had grape fruit, toast, eggs & coffee. Tillie was up at 8.30.
At 9.25 I started for a walk and walked to Steubenville 2 ½ miles. Bought some brandy at a State Liquor Store. Walked home.
Had lunch with Tillie and Wanda. Had a brandy afterwards.
Cloudy this morning, but sun came out about 10.00. 60° at 11.00 AM. Took a shave.
In afternoon we took a ride to Steubenville and done some shopping. Tillie bought three bathing suits. Wanda shopped in Krogers.
Home and had a dinner of lobster tails, French fries, lettuce, strawberries and cheese cake.
Afterwards we all went to Rays tree farm and they cut the grass and we picked lettuce and radishes. Beautiful Evening.
Home and listened to Mitch Miller records. To bed at 10.30.
Driving into garage, I knocked off right door handle. Went to West Penn Motors and they put it on again. Head still aches when I eat.

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