Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mon, July 17, 1961

Cloudy and foggy. Got up at 4.00 and left at 5.00 and went over Conn. Turnpike, Garden State Turnpike, N.J. Turnpike and over #40 to Washington where we got a room in Del Hasen White House Hotel where we got two cabins for $23.00.
Then went to Washington and went up to see the change of the watch for the unknown soldier.
Went thru Rob. E. Lees home on the Potomac.
Saw the 2110 unknown soldiers killed in the civil war and buried there. Then to the Washington Monument and went up that and Ron, Gail and I walked down.
Then sat on sidewalk and had a martini. Then went to an S & W Cafeteria and had supper. Tillie and I paid
Supper 4.20
Sugar .19
Gum .10
Expenses 14.70
Orange juice .43
Rolls .38

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