Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sat. July 22, 1961.

Up at 7.00. Dick Eve and Ronnie left about 10.00 for Harold Bergs. We went to Arthur Dore’s and went out in his boat, with Carol, Andrea and Buddy, Tillie and I. Virginia and Arthur. He had a depth Finder and ship to shore radio. Went swimming off Prudence Island. Afterwards we had lunch of macaroni and Tuna Fish Salad & Coffee. He has a new Gas Stove.
The young ones were in the water most of the time. Water on top 76°, below 70°. Cruised around Prudence Island. Very Calm all day, but hazy. I steered from where we lunched until we reached Coninicut Point where he anchored and Tillie and the rest of them went in swimming Except Arthur and I.
Had sandwiches and coffee for supper.
Home at about 9.30. Andrea, Tillie and Virginia took the two teenagers home to Norwood.
Then back to the house and we had a lemonade together.
Then home at 10.00. Slept fine.

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