Friday, May 27, 2011

Thurs, May 25, 1961

72°/88° 5.26/7.07
Up at 7.00 and Tillie also. After breakfast went to Laundry and then home hung it up, went to the beach for a swim, home and took in laundry.
Hilda, Anderson and his wife came here at 1.30.
Had coffee and buns that Tillie baked today. I took the three of them for a ride around Palm Beach and showed them the sights.
Tillie had been making supper, so had it ready when we got home.
Afterwards Tillie and I drove my car down Broadway and Dixie Highway to Lindens home. Anderson, with his wife and Hilda drove Lindens car and followed us. We sat and talked there.
Alice and Herman Howell came over later and we spent a pleasant Evening, talking.
At 10.15 we drove to the airfield with the Andersons and Hilda. The Andersons took the 11.10 plane while we took Hilda to her home.
Then we drove home and got there at 12.15.
Had a shower in afternoon.

Wed, May 24, 1961

70°/90° 5.27/7.06
Bar. Hum. H.T. Ocean 3.30 P.M.
Up at 7.00 and had my orange juice & coffee. Waxed car and put in new spark plugs.
Went swimming with Etta & Tillie. Met the Harrisons at the beach.
Home and lunch.
Wrote to Fred Joy, Clara Church and Helen O’Connell. Sunny & warm.
Watched Wagon Train.
To bed at 10.00.

Tues, May 23, 1961

70°/94° 5.28/7.05
Up at 6.15 and shaved. Had my breakfast and Tillie was up at 7.15. Listened to Garroway.
Took the car to garage and had wheels aligned. Sunny and nice.
Used Ettas car to bring Mr. Straker to Lake Worth to get his car, which has been painted. We took him down and left him, then on the way home. We stopped at A&P and at Vachons and got mangoes.
Tillie and Etta drove me down to Randalls Auto Shop and I picked up my car. They two went shopping.
Then home and we went to the beach and got home at 2.00. Had lunch and then a nap. Till 4.00.
Watered lawn and sifted compost. Eggplant for supper. Watched T.V.
Wrote to Judy.
To bed at 9.30. Tillie at 11.00.
Bar. 29.99” Hum. 60%

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mon, May 22, 1961

70°/95° 5.28/7.04
Up at 8.00 and after breakfast watered plants. Sifted compost. Read paper.
Went to beach with Etta. Stayed down hour and a half.
Home and lunch. Then a nap. Tommy and Nancy played in yard for a while.
After school Denise and Craig came over and played. I rode Denise’s bicycle.
Supper and watched Americans for a while. They showed the first installment and they showed that quite a while ago.
Watched T.V. till 10.00 when I went to bed. Wrote to Linnea. Waxed top of car.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun, May 21, 1961

68°/96° 5.28/7.04
Up at 7.15 and had my orange juice, apple, cheese & coffee.
Seldom any pain in my face yesterday. None so far today.
Read paper, swept yard. Tillie cleaned up house.
At 11.00 Mabel, Etta, Tillie and I went to the beach where we met Ferraris and we swam for a while then took a walk, took a swim again then lay around for a while.
We had a nice time.
Got home at 1.00 and had lunch.
Lay on porch for a while and dozed while Tillie irrigated.
Anne & Felix Ferraris arrived about 4.00 and we sat on patio, had hors D’ouvres and a couple of drinks - orange juice and Vodka. Showed him our yard.
They left around 6.00.
We watched T.V. for a while then to bed at 9.30.
Got up at 10.30 and watched T.V.

Sat, May 20, 1961

68°/93° 5.29/7.03
Up at 7.15 and had my orange juice and coffee with Tillie.
Read paper.
Went for a swim with Owen and Mabel Straker, Etta and Ebba, Sally, Tillie and I.
Water 80°. Calm and water clear. Then home and lunch.
Wrote to Til.
Cut Dixie’s lawn and then mine. Watered lawn.
Went to Food Fair and shopped.
Home and Bacon and Eggs for supper.
Then watched “Bonanza.”
To be at 10.00.

Fri, May 19, 1961

68°/86° 5.30/7.03
Up at 8.00 and Tillie at 9.00. Sifted compost and watered.
Went for a swim at 11.00 with Ebba. Saw Gus and Elizabeth there.
Home and Tillie baked biscuits and cookies.
Moon sets at 12.24.
Then went to Hilda Lindens and met Hildas brother and his wife and we had coffee and Mrs. Howell and her father came over and sat talking for a while.
Then we went to say goodbye to Dot and Ray Lee and see their trailer packed. Mrs. Hall was there.
Sat and talked with them for a while, gave them some biscuits and cookies.
Left about 5.00 and went home and over to Etta Johnsons, where they had a party. All the neighbors were invited. There were Dot and Harold Larken, Peggy and Leonard and Ed, Sally and Toby, George and Elaine, Irene and Charlei Edna, a redhead, Betty and her husband George and an old Swedish lady, Tillie and I. So we had a nice feed. I had two drinks of bourbon and a bottle of beer and we sat talking till 11.00. Nancy and Tommy were over for a little while and Mabel and Owen were there too. Home and asleep by 11.00.

Thurs, May 18, 1961

72°/91° 5.30/7.02
Up at 6.45 and read paper. Sifted compost and spread it. Tommy and Nancy came over and helped me. Watered plants.
Went to laundry and hung it up. Then went to beach for a swim. Water 80°. Moon sets 10.41.
Home at 12.10 and had oatmeal for lunch.
Went to Kwik Chek in afternoon and shopped.
In Eve. Gus and Elizabeth Collangis, Frank Holmes, and Frank and Edna Mollineaux came and we played samba.
Had potato chips, date nut bread, banana bread, crackers, cheese, sour cream dip, cream cheese & olive dip, coffee and ice cream.
Played till 1.00. The Mollineaux are leaving for their Long Island home on Saturday.
We got to bed at 2.00. The Harrisons stopped in for a few minutes.

Wed, May 17, 1961

69°/92° 5.31/7.02
Moon sets 9:53 P.M.
Beautiful morning. Sifted compost. Watered yard.
Went for a swim with Etta and Ebba and when we came back we had banana bread and cheese & mince pie and coffee.
Then worked in yard till 3.30 then had a nap till 5.00.
Warm and little breeze.
Wrote to Frances Parker.
Stayed home in Eve & watched T.V.
I went to bed at 10.00. Tillie at 12.00.

Tues, May 16, 1961

69°/88° 5.31/7.01
Up at 6.30 and had my breakfast and read paper and watched “Garroway.”
Nice and sunny. Painted iron table and plant stand.
Went swimming with Etta, Ebba, Mabel and I. Lovely weather. Brought seaweed home.
Had lunch and then a nap. Watered plants. Ed came over for an hour or so.
Put bookcase in corner.
Went to Royal Castle and bought four hamburgers and two French fries, then went to Phil Foster Park and Eat them. Sat on bench facing East and it was very nice.
Then went to Beach Drive In and saw “The World of Suzie Wong” with Wm. Holden. A good picture. Also saw “A Place in the Sun” with Liz Taylor, a play based on “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser.
Got home at 12.30. Had our coffee during intermission.

Mon, May 15, 1961

65°/86° 5.32/7.01
Up at 7.00 and had my orange juice and coffee. Read paper. Tillie up at 8.00. Watched T.V. and then we done Taylor’s exercise. Wrote in diary.
Cleaned engine. Waxed new bookcase. Watched “Price is Right.”
Went for a swim at 11.30. Brought home sea week. Had egg and breakfast food. Sunny and warm.
Had a nap after lunch.
Sanded table frame and small table and gave it one coat of black paint.
Cut grass in back yard. Tillie trimmed bushes.
Nice, warm day.
Watched T.V. in Eve.
Tillie got to bed at 12.30.
My headaches are getting worse. It hurts whenever I eat.

Mothers Day - Sun, May 14, 1961

69°/85° 5.32/7.00
Up at 7.30 and began squeezing oranges and preparing pancakes. Tom and Anna got up about 8.00.
I made pancakes and got table ready. Then we had breakfast and sat talking till about 10.00 when we went to the Bazzar and looked around there. Then we went back home and Tom and Anna continued on their way to route 441 and 301.
We put our suits on and went to the beach for a swim and there we met Ferraras and walked the beach with him.
Then home and lunch. Later on went to Hildas and had coffee there and sat talking with them for a while.
There went to Lee where we sat talking, till about 6.20, about their trip. They are supposed to leave next Sat. morning.
Then went to Ferraras, in the Tropicana apartments, #117. And met his wife and we sat talking there over a couple of drinks.
Stopped at Royal Castle and had two hamburgers and French fries home and a cup of coffee and to bed.

Sat, May 13, 1961

69°/88° 5.33/7.00
Up at 6.45. Tillie 7.45.
Beautiful morning. Read paper.
Went for a swim and when we got home at noon, Tom and Anna Murphy came in.
So we had dinner together and in afternoon we took them for a ride around Palm Beach. Took them past Wrightsmans as the president and his wife are staying there. The Wrightsmans are in N.Y. but Kennedy brought their own chef.
Home and had a nice supper of ham and potatoes. It began to rain hard about 7.00.
The Collangis came after us and the Murphys washed the dishes while we went in Collangis car to Mollineaux where we played samba.
Had cake and ice cream, cheese and crackers and candy and coffee.
It was 1.15 before we got home.
The Murphys were sound asleep.
.6 inches of rain.

Fri, May 12, 1961

64°/88° 5.34/6.59
Nice day up at 7.30 and read paper.
Went for a swim at 11.00 and got home about 12.00. Calm. Water 71°.
Stayed home in afternoon to wait for Wards to bring lawnmower to DeCiccos.
Then we went to Lindsleys and bought plywood for bookcase.
Worked on that till suppertime. Ed came in for a while.
Watched T.V. till 10.00. Head still hurts when I chew.

Thurs, May 11, 1961

Cool and cloudy in forenoon. Up at 7.15 and Tillie at 7.30. After breakfast went to laundry and then home and hung it out at 9.45.
Ebba went with us to the beach for a swim. Calm and nice. Gentle S.E. breeze. Arrived home at 11.30 and took in clothes.
Put in anchors on all awnings.
Watched T.V. in eve.
To bed at 10.45.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wed, May 10, 1961

65°/85° 5.35/6.58
Up at 7.30 and had breakfast and read paper. Tillie up at 8.45.
Wrote for a while as it was raining a little. Rained quite hard last night .6” of rain fell.
Transplanted a banana plant.
Hoed the garden. Had lunch then waited for Grants to pick up a table of DeCiccos and bring another one. They came at 2.15.
Tillie cleaned house.
Then went to beach for a swim. Strong west winds. Home and Otto Leonhard came in and we sat talking, over coffee.
Watched T.V. in eve.
I waxed back of my car.
To bed at 10.30.

Tues, May 9, 1961

Up at 7.30 and had breakfast of orange juice, cheese and coffee.
Sunny and warm but cloudy once in a while.
Changed tire then went to the beach with Etta and Ebba, home and lunch.
Turned hose on car.
Rained a little, cloudy rest of day.
Stayed home in evening and watched T.V. At 5.15 we went to the Publix and shopped.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mon, May 8, 1961

74°/83° 5.36/6.57
Up at 7.30 and had my orange juice and coffee. Tillie up at 8.30. Then watched Shepard, the astronaut arriving in Washington and getting a medal from the president.
Beautiful day.
Still pains in my head when I first begin to chew or when I press on my upper lip.
Changed tire on car.
Went for a swim with Etta and Etta for an hour.
Home and had coffee and cookies.
A little after 1.00 we went to Johnsons and I drove their car and went to Palm Beach and drove them around to Worth Ave. where we walked around for a couple of hours then took a ride to Wrightsmans and stopped there to see the lawn and ocean.
Then past Kennedys to the end of the road. Then back to the Poincian Playhouse and then around the Towers and then back.
On the way home we stopped at Lake and the women bought some liquor. Then home to Johnsons where we had a couple of drinks.
Then home and supper of eggs and bacon and salad and coffee.
Then watched T.V. Tillie had a nap. About 8.30 Gus and Elizabeth stopped in and we sat and talked till about 10.00.

Sun, May 7, 1961

76°/88° 5.17/6.56
Up at 7.30 and after breakfast I read paper. Went to beach at 10.45 but we only waded as it was too rough. We left at 11.30 and went home, shaved, had a light lunch and then we went to wrightsmans and picked up Edith and brought her and her suitcase to the R.R. Station the Seabird. She got the 2.18 train for N.Y. We took her T.V. set with us.
Then we went to Hilda Lindens. Stayed there till 5.10 and got home at 6.00. Had a banana and corn muffins and coffee and then watched T.V.
The DeCiccos were out, so kiki barked all evening.
To bed at 11.00.

Sat, May 6, 1961

70°/85° 5.37/6.56
Up at 7.00. Had orange juice, apple, cheese & coffee. Read paper.
Cut lawn.
Went for a swim and were back by 11.00. Water 76°
Sunny and warm
Laid bricks along front gardens. Watered yard.
Cloudy in afternoon.
Went to Collangis in Eve. and after the Mollineaux and May came we sat and talked till 8.30 then we played Samba. The men played together and the women played together.
Had apple pie and ice cream and cheese and coffee.
Got home at 12.45.

Fri, May 5, 1961

68°/88° 5.38/6.55

Up at 7.00 and had my breakfast. Tillie up at 7.45.
Beautiful morning.
Changed tire on car.
The astronaut Shepard was first into space and landed in the designed spot and Helicopter picked him up. The carrier “Lake Champlain” carried him back.
At 11.00 we went fishing with Dixie and Frank in Frank’s car to #703 at the bridge of Little Lake worth. Dixie caught a fish then Frank caught two. Tillie caught one, but threw him back.
Had our lunch there. Nice weather. Home at 3.00 and I cleaned fish then went for a swim for half an hour. Home and had a nap.
Ed came in for a while. We had fish for supper with a lettuce and apple salad.
Then watched T.V. Tillie worked on hot pad. I wrote in diary.
Have the pain in my head when chewing.