Friday, May 27, 2011

Thurs, May 25, 1961

72°/88° 5.26/7.07
Up at 7.00 and Tillie also. After breakfast went to Laundry and then home hung it up, went to the beach for a swim, home and took in laundry.
Hilda, Anderson and his wife came here at 1.30.
Had coffee and buns that Tillie baked today. I took the three of them for a ride around Palm Beach and showed them the sights.
Tillie had been making supper, so had it ready when we got home.
Afterwards Tillie and I drove my car down Broadway and Dixie Highway to Lindens home. Anderson, with his wife and Hilda drove Lindens car and followed us. We sat and talked there.
Alice and Herman Howell came over later and we spent a pleasant Evening, talking.
At 10.15 we drove to the airfield with the Andersons and Hilda. The Andersons took the 11.10 plane while we took Hilda to her home.
Then we drove home and got there at 12.15.
Had a shower in afternoon.

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