Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sat. Aug. 26, 1961

Up at 7.00 and had fruit, cheese and coffee for breakfast.
Sunny and warm.
Turned hose on the car.
Left at 10.00 for Riverside. Stopped at Tourges and left Helens bracelet.
Went to St. Brendans and saw Ray Mann getting married to Jean Carol Wroblinski. Saw the other Mann children.
Afterwards went to Wroblinskis home and had coffee and a bun and beer. At 1:30 went Carusos Restaurant on Valley St. for dinner. Had a small glass of wine to toast the couple with. We had soup, bread, but no butter, macaroni, chicken and desirtars (?). Three man orchestra.
Tillie danced with Bob Mann. The Bergs were there, but Bud stayed home with children.
Pictures were taken.
Most of them went back to Wroblinski’s house. We went to Riverside, stopping at Adams house and saw them. He gave Tillie two thread holders. Then went to First Nat. and shopped. Then to Almas.
Went over to Buds for a while. Jennie and Walter also came down. Sat and talked there till about 9.50. I had coffee but Tillie was too tired.
To bed at 11.00.

Fri. Aug. 25, 1961

Up at 7.30 and worked in yard till noon. Went to bank and got a check, then to First National.
After lunch went to Dick’s and then shopping.
Linda done Tillie’s hair. Reggie was there as Linda has been home sick. He brought some clams.
While in Woolworth’s Chet Goward came up and put his arms around me. He is up to help his son finish his sons house on Hardy Str., in Cranston.
So they followed us (Bob was with him) to Dicks House, so Tillie could meet him. After a few minutes they left.
When Dick came home we had a martini and then we all went to the bay with the canoe and sailed it for a little while. Dick, Tillie and I first, then I, Tillie and Gail sailed. Home and a cup of coffee.
At 9.45 we watched the Eclipse of the moon. The shadow came in on the left side first.
Lin in over to Pettersons looking after the children while Larry and Virginia have gone to Nantucket.
To bed at 11.30. Tillie irrigated.

Thurs, Aug. 24, 1961

Up at 7.00 and had my orange juice, peach, cheese and coffee. Cloudy all morning then heavy rain. After a light lunch we went to Dicks. Regginald was there as Linda was sick in bed (?). Gail was up there, too, watching T.V. Reggie helped me take the canoe off and I left it there.
Then we drove to East Greenwich, looking for Clifford Johnsons’s place but couldn’t find it. Stopped at Police Barracks and inquired, but couldn’t get any information.
So we drove to route #102 turned right and went home by way of #2. Bought corn. Bulletin was all wet from the heavy rain.
In Eve. Irene & Arthur Sandberg came over and gave us some babys breath. Showed slides later on, both his and mine. Had coffee apple crisp and ice cream. later on had coffee.
Lin went over to Virginias around 6.00. Sandbergs left about 11.00.

Wed Aug 23, 1961

Raining this morning.
Up at 8.00 after breakfast. Went to laundry. Washed and dried. Stopped at Dicks for a few minutes. Stopped at Sunoco garage and had horn fixed and valve caps put on.
Went to the Laundry on Park Ave. Washed and dried for 40 cent. Raining all the time. Went to First National and met Dot Belcher there.
Home and lunch. Had a nap. Later on Tillie ironed and I read paper.
After supper we went to Belchers home and spent Evening with them. Dot looked fine but serious. Had ice cream and then coffee. Still raining. To bed at 11.30.

Tues. Aug. 22, 1961

Up at 6.30 and had coffee and a crap. Cloudy. Tillie up at 7.00 and we saw him off.
After breakfast Tillie mixed bread and then irrigated. Made a lemon meringue pie. Sun came out once in a while. Trimmed bushes, shaved, showered, had lunch, went to bank and got some checks.
Went to store and met Dot Belcher there. Going up there tomorrow. Home and had coffee and buns. Sunny and warm.
Had a short nap. Tillie talked with Evelyn.
Helen & George Tourgee and Mrs. Thorpe came here and we had a nice supper. Dick, Evelyn and Gail came about 7.00 and brought the sail and outfit with him and put it together in the yard. Then we sat around talking till about 9.00 when Dick and Evelyn went home later on we played “Crazy Eight.” They left about 11.00.

Mon. Aug. 21, 1961

Up at 6.45. Rained during night. Still raining during forenoon.
Tillie up and irrigated. Watched T.V.
When I washed my face after shaving my head began to ache, from my teeth to the top of my head.
The last few days haven’t been bad, just now and then when chewing, but quickly over.
Went to Dick’s and Tillie done the ironing there.
We took the canoe off before we went to Dicks.
It was pouring most of the time. I went to bank and cashed a Chase check. Had knackebrod and coffee for lunch. On the Wampanaug Trail I stopped the car and took off the forward rack as the doors leaked.
Had coffee and cake at Till’s. Sat and talked till Judy came home.
Still pouring once in a while.
Clint came home about 6.00.
Had dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, beans, salad, blueberry pie and coffee. Read paper while Tillie and Til washed dishes. Judy watched ball game.
Then Til showed their slides of Bermuda and the minstrel show. Some good pictures.
Left about 10.30. Misting all the way home.
In bed at 11.30.

Sun. Aug. 20, 1961

Up at 7.00. Sunny and nice. Made pancakes for breakfast and the Pettersons came over and had breakfast with us. Larry, Virginia and Lin went to church. While Tillie irrigated the children watched T.V.
Billy and I went over to Pettersons and I washed the dishes and put them away.
When they came home from church, Lin, Tillie and I went to Parkers and spent the day there.
Then back to Parkers and they started the charcoal fire and baked six coffee cans filled with chicken, potatoes, carrots and baked in the cans.
Had dinner in the yard. Carl and Fannie came over later on and we sat and talked in the house when it got too cold outside.
Kenneth showed his slides. Very good. Got home about 10.15.
Not clear today, clouded up in Eve.

Sat. Aug. 19, 1961

Up at 8.00 and had breakfast then trimmed walks. Took Lin to hair dressers. Watered yard.
Beautiful day.
Went to Dicks and then Dick took his Pontiac to Linda and left it there. Tillie, Gail and I went in my car to Viola Gills and then Dick drove my car with Evelyn, Tillie, Ronald, Gail and I in it to Svehliks, where we spent the afternoon and Eve. It was Dicks 48th birthday and they had a large birthday cake for him. Ed, Dick and the boys took the canoe down to the cone and paddled around. I stayed with the women. Had a martini.
Later on we saw pictures of the Svehliks camping trip to Washington.
Got home at 10.30. Lin went to Warwick Tent Theatre and got home about 1.00.

Fri. Aug. 18, 1961

Up at 8.00 and Edged garden. Shaved and showered, then lunch. Went to Dr. Carlson and filled one cavity in Tillie and two in my teeth. Then over to Dick’s.
The canoe came and Dick went down after it in his Pontiac.
Then went to Gaspee Point to Arthur Dore’s. Saw Andrea and Virginia. Went paddling in the bay with Dick, Tillie, Ronald and Jeffries. Ronald and Jeffries went in swimming.
Paddled over to Dore’s float and took Virginia and Andrea for a trip in the canoe. Afterwards went home and had something to Eat – steak, and then Evelyn, Dick, Tillie, Gail and I went to “Route 6 Drive In” and saw “The Last Time I Saw Archie” with Robert Mitcham, Jack Webb, Martha Hyer and France Noyen. Also “The Pleasure of his Company” with Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds, Lilli Palmer and Tab Hunter. Pretty Good. In color.
The first picture was in black and white. Not good.
Home at 1.00.
Dick threw up as soon as we got home.

Thurs. Aug 17, 1961

Beautiful, cool morning. Up at 7.00. Tillie up at 7.30, made beds and then began making biscuits and cooking ham.
Worked in yard for an hour.
Went to First Nat. in afternoon. Anita, Maureen and Paula came about 3.00.
At 3.30 I, Maureen and Paula took a trip down to Coventry and picked up Louise Griggs and then home. Later on Frank came and then Dick and Evelyn.
Had supper in yard and sat there till it was below 70°. Frank and Dick played ball with a potato.
Then went in the house and sat talking till Lin came home.
Afterwards had coffee and cookies. Washed dishes after company left.
Dick rigged the canoe.

Wed. Aug. 16, 1961.

Up at 7.00. Cool.
Went to Dicks about 9.30 and we went to Apex and bought Mayrene Brown a wedding gift. Then to “Sears” and “Coats Field Shopping Center” and looked over their stock. Home and had a sandwich.
Then went to Svehliks and had a beer with them. Then to Bennys and bought a hedge cutter for Dick and a car rack for my car. Home and Evelyn was home.
At six Dick, Evelyn, Tillie, Ronald, Gail and I went to Rocky Point and had chowder and clam cakes.
Beautiful Evening.
Watched T.V. in Eve. Left at 10.00.
Lin was in bed.

Tues. Aug 15, 1961

Up at 8.00 and shaved. Had a peach, orange juice, some prunes, half a jelly doughnut and coffee for breakfast.
Then brought the car to garage and had it greased and oil changed at 9.00. Bought a paper and walked home.
Sunny and cool. Yesterday was the coldest Aug. 14 on record.
After lunch we brought gladiolas to Evelyn, then to the laundry and left it there and went down to the Strand Opticians and had the frames to Tillie’s glasses adjusted. I went to City Hall Hardware and looked over hedge cutters. Then met Tillie and walked up to where car was. Stopped at the square and bought fruit. Then picked up laundry and went over to Dicks. Tillie ironed one shirt. Then home and hung out the clothes. Then a cup of coffee. Tillie cleaned out refrigerator.
Stayed home in Evening.