Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fri. Aug. 25, 1961

Up at 7.30 and worked in yard till noon. Went to bank and got a check, then to First National.
After lunch went to Dick’s and then shopping.
Linda done Tillie’s hair. Reggie was there as Linda has been home sick. He brought some clams.
While in Woolworth’s Chet Goward came up and put his arms around me. He is up to help his son finish his sons house on Hardy Str., in Cranston.
So they followed us (Bob was with him) to Dicks House, so Tillie could meet him. After a few minutes they left.
When Dick came home we had a martini and then we all went to the bay with the canoe and sailed it for a little while. Dick, Tillie and I first, then I, Tillie and Gail sailed. Home and a cup of coffee.
At 9.45 we watched the Eclipse of the moon. The shadow came in on the left side first.
Lin in over to Pettersons looking after the children while Larry and Virginia have gone to Nantucket.
To bed at 11.30. Tillie irrigated.

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