Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thurs. Aug 17, 1961

Beautiful, cool morning. Up at 7.00. Tillie up at 7.30, made beds and then began making biscuits and cooking ham.
Worked in yard for an hour.
Went to First Nat. in afternoon. Anita, Maureen and Paula came about 3.00.
At 3.30 I, Maureen and Paula took a trip down to Coventry and picked up Louise Griggs and then home. Later on Frank came and then Dick and Evelyn.
Had supper in yard and sat there till it was below 70°. Frank and Dick played ball with a potato.
Then went in the house and sat talking till Lin came home.
Afterwards had coffee and cookies. Washed dishes after company left.
Dick rigged the canoe.

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