Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tues. Aug 15, 1961

Up at 8.00 and shaved. Had a peach, orange juice, some prunes, half a jelly doughnut and coffee for breakfast.
Then brought the car to garage and had it greased and oil changed at 9.00. Bought a paper and walked home.
Sunny and cool. Yesterday was the coldest Aug. 14 on record.
After lunch we brought gladiolas to Evelyn, then to the laundry and left it there and went down to the Strand Opticians and had the frames to Tillie’s glasses adjusted. I went to City Hall Hardware and looked over hedge cutters. Then met Tillie and walked up to where car was. Stopped at the square and bought fruit. Then picked up laundry and went over to Dicks. Tillie ironed one shirt. Then home and hung out the clothes. Then a cup of coffee. Tillie cleaned out refrigerator.
Stayed home in Evening.

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