Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tues, Dec 6, 1960

We didn’t get up till 8.45.  Larry and Lawrence were gone and Clara was up.  Charlene didn’t get up till 9.30.  Tillie and I had orange juice and an apple and coffee.  About 10.00 Clara went to work.  I took her in my car.  Then home.  Laurena brought a new battery for their Buick and put it in.  Then I went in and wrote in book.  Nice sunny weather. 
Charlene was up and watching T.V.
Clara came home and we had a light lunch.
Then Larry came home from school we two took a walk.
We played solitaire at the office, Larry, Lawrence and I.  Lawrence won.
Home and had pork chops and mashed potatoes, with salad.
Then Clara, Tillie, Lawrence and I went to Escambia High Schol and listened to speeches and at 7.55 we went around to the different schoolrooms and stayed a few min. in each.
Charlene and her boyfriend and another young couple went by themselves.  Larry stayed home and studied.
At 9.00 Charlene played the organ while refreshments were served.  Cookies punch and sandwiches.
Then home and sat talking till about 10.30 when we went to bed.
Slept fine.

Mon, Dec 5, 1960

Up at 6.00 and shaved.  Tillie up at 6.15.  Heated water for coffee and had a cup.  Frost on the ground.
Drove along 27 to Tallahassee where we stopped at a drive in restaurant and had a pork sandwich and a vanilla shake.  Tillie had a strawberry shake. 
No, it was in Pensacola where we had our lunch, it was beautiful country where we went, Route 20 to 231 to 98 in Panama City.  We followed to shore along the Gulf Coast, stretches of pure white sand and then mile or two of motels and cottages.  Nobody down no, as everything looked disserted.
I stopped and took two pictures of the beach.  Also the temperatures of the water, 62°.  A beautiful day.
Found Anderson Mobile Home, on Navy Blvd.  Clara was there.  Later on Laurence came in.  Stayed there till we went to their home on 2nd St.
It is a nice brick house.  Larry sleeps in garage.  Went after Clara, Charlene and Larry at the store and their car wouldn’t start.
Had a nice supper, when Laurence came home.
Pensacola is in Central Tinee Zone.  In Eve. Charlene played the organ for us.  To bed at 11.00.
Slept fine.  Only had to get up once.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sun, Dec 4, 1960

70°  6.55/5.26
UP at 5.00 and shaved and then back to bed.  Up at 7.00 and got oranges ready, then packed car and were off at 8.30.  Followed 710 to 441.  Followed that to 27.  Followed 27 to Perry.  Stopped by road side and had sandwich and coffee.  Near Chiefland, while Tillie was driving, the left rear blew, so pulled over to the side and changed it.  It took 25 min.  Two colored men stopped and helped.
Then continued till 5.30, when we stopped at “Irene Motel,” a couple miles south of Perry.  Nice room, heated, air conditioned hot and cold water, for $4.12 for the two.
Tillie cut my hair. Had a sandwich and coffee and apple for supper. 
Tillie irrigated.
To bed at 9.00.
Slept fairly good.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sat, Dec 3, 1960

Up at 7.00 and got paper and read it.  Made breakfast and brought it in to Tillie.  Sunny and 66°.
Showers during night.
Tied up banana plants.
Flower is coming out on banana plant.  Also flowers on lemon.
Went to P.O. and mailed packages.  Went to Vachon Groves Office and had then ship oranges & grapefruit to Dick, Til, Carl and Frank.
Then home and watered yard.  Sun came out nicely in forenoon.  Had french toast at noon.  Sent some X-mas cards.
Tillie made molasses crinkles.  Went to store and got oranges and dried beef.
Home and heard Dixie had been in hospital with nervous breakdown.  Looked after Sheila while Nancy went to her home.
Tillie washed her hair.
Had nice supper.
To bed at 9.00.  Tillie irrigated in Eve.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fri, Dec 2, 1960

50°  6.53/5.26
Up at 7.30.  Raining for an hour or so.  Got breakfast ready and read paper.  Tillie up at 9.00 and irrigated.  I went after Collangis to ask if he wanted to go in swimming.  He said no.  Sun came out once in a while, but mostly cloudy.  It was only 60° at 10.30.
Had rice for lunch & coffee.
Cloudy then.  At 1.00 we left for bank, bought some grapefruit, paid mortgage and went to Hildas, while there it poured quite a while.
Two men were working in her bath room, plastering it.  Sun came out before we left at 3.30.
Very windy.
Home and supper.  Ed came in about 7.00 and stayed till 7.30, when we went to Collangis.
The Mollienaux came about 8.00 and we played two games of canasta.  Had cake, ice cream and coffee later.  Nice evening.
Very windy all day, showers off and on.  Beautiful moonlight night.  Got home at midnight.  Read till 1.00.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thurs, Dec 1, 1960

55°/77°  6.53/5.26
Up at 8.00 and got breakfast ready.  Watered plants and It was 55° outside at 8.00.  Tillie got up at 9.00.  Worked outside till 10.30 when Gus came and we went down for a swim.  We were the only ones down there except the Ostbergs.  Talked with him for a while.  We had a strong north wind blowing and it picked up while we were there.
Blue Heron Blvd. is open for traffic again after being closed for three days.  Home and had lunch, then went shopping and got insulators for the antenna.
Worked all afternoon putting up antenna and connecting it to T.V.  Had supper of lamb, baked potatoes, cranberries, rice pudding and coffee. 
Watched T.V. in Eve.  We got a telephone call from Clara Charoh, at Tobys.  Talked with her for a few minutes.
Tillie worked on hot pads.
Tillie watched T.V. till 12.00.  I went to be at 10.30 and read.
“Echo” went by at 6.20 but it was too cloudy to see it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wed, Nov 30, 1960

61°/81°  6.52/5.26
Up at 8.30 and got breakfast there watered plants and read paper then went after Collangis and we three went to the beach for a swim.
North wind and strong, but water 78° and quite calm.
Were home at 11.40 and had lunch at 1.00.  I washed car in afternoon after I had connected lead in wire to antenna.  Watched T.V. at 5.00 when Ed came in and stayed till 7.00
Beautiful moonlight night.

Tues, Nov 29, 1960

72°/84°  6.50/5.26
Up at 7.45 and got breakfast.  Read paper.  Then went to laundry.  Met Harrison there.  His wife has been very sick this summer and has undergone surgery, up north, three or four times.
We couldn’t do our laundry as there were too many people there, so we left them there and went home and went swimming with Gus and Elizabeth.
Got home at 12.00 and had lunch.  Then went down and done the laundry.  Went to Kwik Check and got milk then home and hung it up, (the laundry).  South East breeze.  Fairly Calm.
Water 77°.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mon, Nov 28, 1960

73°/82°  6.50/5.26
Up at 7.15 and got breakfast.  Read paper.  Then we planted 17 crotons in front.
Went swimming with Gus at 11.00.  Blue Heron Blvd is dug up so we have to detour to 27th St.  Water rough and 76°.  Sat talking with Gus quite a qhile.  Home and lunch.
Had grape nut flakes and Eat them dry.  Also a cup of coffee. Nice sunny day.
Wrote to Gail and Dick & Evelyn.  Nice.  Had coffee bread and coffee at 3.30.
Watered plants.
Watched T.V. in Eve.
Ed came in about 7.30 and spent the Eve. Here.
Nice moonlight night.  Was up on roof watching it.
Mabel came in and told us that Mr. Johnson died today.

Sun, Nov 27, 1960

75°/82°  6.49/5.26
Up at 8.10, shaved and got breakfast ready.  Brought Tillies in to her at 8.45.  Read the paper and Tillie came out at 9.45.  Wrote to Clara Church.
Gus and Elizabeth came after us and we went to the beach for a swim.  Gus still carries his inner tube.  Elizabeth goes out quite far.
Home at 12.00 and had lunch.  Tillie worked on hot pads and watched T.V.  Had a nap in afternoon.
Put up pole for antenna about 5.00.  Watched T.V. in Eve.
I went to bed at 10.00.  Tillie at 12.00 after irrigating.  Read till 11.00.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sat, Nov 26, 1960

73°/82°  6.49/5.26
Up at 7.30.  Tillie at 8.00 got breakfast and read paper.  Tillie cleaned house then we both worked in front yard till 10.45, when we put our bathing suits on and went after Collangis and we all went for a swim.  Gus had his inner tube with him.
Water 77° but rough.  East wind.  Stayed down an hour.  Saw Mrs. Hauson.  Home and got a lot of cherry plants from Collangis.
Home and lunch and then a nap.  Later on we worked in front yard, digging.
Played with Denise and Craig.  Had shrimp for supper.
Then watched T.V. “Bonanza” and “The Toll Man”
To bed at 10.00.  Tillie worked on her hot pads and sat up and watched T.V. till 12.00.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fri, Nov 25, 1960

69°/82°  6.48/5.27
Up at 7.30, shaved and got breakfast.  Read paper and began digging up front lawn for crotons.  Nice and warm East wind.  Went swimming at 12.00.  met the Hansons and Osbergs.
Water clear and 78°.  Home at 1.15 had lunch and watered plants.  In afternoon went to Hilda Lindens.  Talked with Alice Howells.  Stopped in outdoor store and bought Poles for antenna.
In Evening Gus and Elizabeth came over and we played canasta  Later on had coffee & mince pie.
Washed dishes and to be at 12.00.

Thanksgiving Day, Nov 24, 1960

65°/78°  6.47/5.27
Up at 7.45 and got orange juice ready.  Wrote to Elaine.
Slight rain in forenoon.  Cloudy most of time.  Watched “Macys Thanksgiving Parade” on T.V.
Tillie made mince pie in forenoon.  Irrigated afterwards.
Cool this morning.
Ed came in for an hour or so and sat here talking while I wrote.
We had chicken, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, cranberries, pickles, beets, minced pie and coffee.
Had a “screwdriver” and a nap this afternoon.  Sunny in afternoon, cloudy in Eve.
Watched T.V. in Eve.

Wed, Nov 23, 1960

70°/82°  6.46/5.27
Up at 8.30.  Nice day.  Swept porch and yard watered plants.
Went for our swim at 11.15 and were home at 12.40.  Water 77°.
Water clean, but rough.
Done our laundry in forenoon and Tillie got it dried and ironed in afternoon.  I read and had a nap in afternoon.
Ed came over in Evening and had supper with us.  He went home at 7.00.
We watched T.V. in Eve.  I went to bed at 10.00 while Tillie sat up and watch till 12.00.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tues, Nov 22, 1960

72°/80°  6.46/5.27
Up at 8.00 and got breakfast.  Sunny and nice.  Up at 8.00 and watered plants.  Read paper.  Wrote.  Had lunch, a nap after.
Left for Edith Beusous at 2.40 and brought her T.V. set (?) and talked till 4.30.  had a glass of orange juice and some cookies.
This is the 2nd time we missed our swim.  The water was quite rough outside Wrightmans.
Home and dressed and Leonhard picked us up and we went to Creightons for dinner.  There were Mr. & Mrs. Lindholm, Mr. & Mrs. Leonhard, Mr. & Mrs. Lindgren, Mrs. Kling, Mr. & Mrs. Boardman, Mr. & Mrs. Ordway and Mr. & Mrs. Burin.
We had a daquiri, but most of the others had manhattans.  The dinner was a salad, biscuits with honey, butter, greenbeans, Hamburgh, mashed potatoes, hors devourves, apple pie and coffee.
We went there at 6.30 and left at 8.00 and walked around for a while.  Ardway and I, he hold about his travels in New Orleans.  Then Lindholm and I watched the water fountains.
Then home and watched T.V. till 11.00.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mon, Nov 21, 1960

63°/81°  6.45/5.27
Nice cool morning.  Up at 6.30 and watched Classroom till 7.00, then watched Dave Garraway show while I got breakfast ready.  Read paper.  They are still filling and rolling the street in front of our house.
Began digging up 3d Avenue this morning.
I began spading up front of our lawn, while Tillie defrosted refrigerator.
Went swimming at 12.00 were home at noon.
Wrote to Joan this afternoon and gave her our glogg recipe.
76° water, 76° air.  Nice and sunny wind East.  Seaweed in water.
Croton Plant
Home and lunch.  Transplanted some crotons also zoyzia grass.
Wrote to Walter Gay.  Tillie worked on pine needle hot pads, while watching T.V.
To bed at 10.45
Saw the new crescent moon.

Sun, Nov 20, 1960

68°/80°  6.44/5.28
Lovely morning.  Up at 8.00 and shaved & got orange juice ready and made coffee. 
Read paper and watered plants.  Went to beach and had our swim.  Home and had our lunch of chicken sandwich, tomatoes and coffee. 
After dishes were done we both had a nap.  I got up at 3.20.
The water was kind of rough and was 75°.  Brought 3 boards home.
Had a long nap after lunch and then wrote a letter to Octavia.
Watched Chet Huntley on T.V. from 5.00 to 6.00, then watched “Macbeth” from 6.00 to 8.00.  Then had supper.  Tillie worked on hot pads.  Irrigated and got to bed at 1.00.
I went to bed at 10.30.

Fri, Nov 18, 1960

65°/84°  6.43/5.28
Up at 8.00 and shaved and had breakfast.  A little rain about 5.00 AM.  Sunny when I got up.
The scrapers were going up and down in front of the house all forenoon.  Wrote to Bettenhausers.  Went to Beach at 11.00.  Met a Swede from Chicago that we saw last year.
Talked with lifeguard for a while.  Home at 12.45.
Went downtown and paid my taxes, shopped around.
In Eve went to Collangis and watched T.V., then played canasta had yogurt and bread, Danish pastry and coffee.  Parked car on 3d ave.

Thurs, Nov 17, 1960

72°/82°  6.42/5.29
Rained quite hard Early this morning.  God up at 8.20 shaved squeezed orange juice and read paper.
Began raining again at 9.15
Rain Ended at noon.  1.4” of rain fell.
Went for a swim afterwards and then home and worked in yard.  Ed came in about 4.30 and sat talking till 7.00.
Had supper on patio.
Watched T.V. in Eve.
To bed at 11.00.
Parked car on 3d Ave.

Wed, Nov 16, 1960

72°/82°  6.41/5.28
Up at 7.30 and watched Garroway and had oranges for breakfast.  The oranges are beginning to turn yellow now.
Went to Sewells and bought faucet washers and then home and put in hot water faucet in kitchen.
A slight rain last night.  Cloudy Early but cleared up by 9.00.  Warm.
Went for a swim and water 76° but very rought so we only went wading.  Strong East winds.
Went to Mays and bought shrimp and chicken.
After supper we watched T.V.  Dot & Harold Larken came over about 6.35 and we watched T.V. saw “Wagon Train.”  Then I showed my latest slides.

Had coffee and banana bread crackers & cheese.
They left about 10.45.  Then I wrote in diary and watched news.
Parked car on 3d ave.

Tues, Nov 15, 1960

72°/82°  6.40/5.29
 Up at 7.30 and had breakfast of grapefruit cheese & coffee.  Tillie up at 9.00 picked stones off lawn.
They are filling in the street in front of our house.  The digger is past Malhemus by noon.
Went to Laundry and I went for oranges and to the store.  Sunny and nice.  Took Ed downtown.
Went for a swim, but very rough, so only waded.  Water was cleaner than yesterday.
Raked yard.  Trimmed ficus tree after supper went to Collangis and we four went to Ordways for a meeting.
At 8.30 we came back here and played canasta till 10.30 then coffee and banana bread.
To bed at 12.00.  They finished digging the street this Eve.
Parked car on 3d Ave.

Mon, Nov 14, 1960

72°/82°  6.40/5.30
Up at 7.45.  They were already working on the street, building up the manhole, digging up the street and filling in.  Partly cloudy Early but sunny later on.  Nice and warm.
Wrote to Linda.  Took some pictures of the trench.  Sent in some pictures.
The manhole was finished before noon.
Went for our swim.  Quite rough and dirty.  Home and lunch.
Went to Publix and shopped.  Stayed home in Eve.

Sun, Nov 13, 1960

69°/82°  6.39/5.30
Up at 7.15 and read paper shoveled sand on lawn and in back.  Oranges, cheese & coffee for breakfast.
Went for a swim and met Mr. Ferraris at the beach.
Home and lunch, then a nap at 2.30 we left for W.P.B.
Stopped at the Palm Beach Post-Times new building and we went thru it.  Had coffee, doughnuts & sandwiches.
It is quite a place.
Afterwards went to Russell Allebaughs home on Pine St. in Lantana.  Lillian was up in Melbourne, so Russell was alone.  Talked with him for a while then went to Ray Lees.   (?) was there, he came yesterday.
We looked over his small trailer and I think it is very good.
Left about 8.30 and went home.  Had soup for supper, then watched T.V. till 12.40.  It was “The Razors Edge” by Somerset Maugham, with Gene Tierny, Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter and Herbert Marshal.  Very good.
Car parked on 3d Ave.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sat, Nov 12, 1960

67°/84°  6.38/5.21
Up at 7.50 and got fruit ready.  Read paper and then wrote to Dick.
Went swimming and water 78°.  North wind.  Had quite a shower while in water.
Home and lunch, then a nap.  Afterwards spread yellow sand in back yard.
Cloudy this forenoon.
Sunny and nice in afternoon.  Tammy helped with shovel.
Stayed home in Eve and watched T.V. till 10.00.
Car parked on 3d Ave.

Fri, Nov 11, 1960

72°/84°  6.37/5.21
Up at 8.00 and, after breakfast, we watched the men tearing up the road and putting in sewer pipes.  I put my car on 4th St. as they are in front of my house now.
They dumped three buckets of yellow sand on my lawn and I started spreading it on back lawn.  Tillie weeded side garden.
After supper Gus asked us to come over and play cards with them.
So we went over at 8.00 and men won.  Had ice cream & apple pie.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thurs, Nov 10, 1960

70°/83°  6.37/5.32
Up at 6.30 and watched Classroom.
Had orange juice for breakfast, cheese and coffee and two figs.
Read paper.
Cloudy and a slight shower for a few minutes.
Wrote to Dores this morning.  Tillie picked weeds.
Went for a swim and were down there 1 ½ hours.  Partly cloudy and water full of sea weed.  They are putting in the lifelines and balls today.
Tillie found five cents on the beach.  Home at 1.30.
Brought home a plank.  Put 5.00 in bank.  Went to Hilda Lindens and sat talking with her for a while, then we had coffee & cake.
Sat on patio and talked and Mrs. Howell came over and sat with us for a while.  Left about 5.20 and went to Kwik Chek and shopped.  Home at 6.30.
Listened to Huntley Brinkley, then had supper.  Later on watched T.V.
Nice and warm all day.

Wed, Nov 9, 1960

73°/82°  6.36/5.32
Up at 8.15 and had breakfast of oranges & coffee.  Tillie up at 9.00.
Listened to T.V. for a while.  Waxed hood of car.
Went to beach but it was too rough to go in.  Walked in the water.  Found a 12 foot 4x4, with Chinese characters and took it home.
Home at 12.20 and lunch.  Carried 23 plants back in yard.
Sunny and warm.  Dug up strip in front lawn.  Transplanted grass to backyard. 
Watched T.V. in Eve.  To bed at 10.00.

Tues, Nov 8, 1960

59°/78°  6.34/5.33
Up at 7.30 and had grapefruit and coffee for breakfast.
We got laundry ready and went to Town Hall first and voted.  There were about 130 people ahead of us in line.  We waited about half an hour in line.  Saw Jean Vought in line.
Afterwards we went to laundry and afterwards went home and hung the laundry up.
Ed came over and we went to the beach and, while Ed sat in car, Tillie and I went in for a swim.
The water was very rough and Tillie and I were the only ones in.
Water 72° and the air 72°, so it wasn’t very warm.  The lifeguard was the only other person down there.
Home and Ed had lunch with us.  I took in the laundry while Tillie mixed the stuff for a cake.  I and Ed cracked the nuts.
I planted some soyzia grass.  Mrs. Wagner stopped in and delivered the stuff Tillie ordered.
Ed went home about 5.30.  We had hamburg & mashed potatoes for supper.
Watched T.V. in Eve.  I went to bed at 10.00 and read.  Tillie stayed up till 1.00 and I got up then and we had coffee.  The returns were not all in by 2.00 so went to bed.