Monday, November 8, 2010

Fri, Nov 18, 1960

65°/84°  6.43/5.28
Up at 8.00 and shaved and had breakfast.  A little rain about 5.00 AM.  Sunny when I got up.
The scrapers were going up and down in front of the house all forenoon.  Wrote to Bettenhausers.  Went to Beach at 11.00.  Met a Swede from Chicago that we saw last year.
Talked with lifeguard for a while.  Home at 12.45.
Went downtown and paid my taxes, shopped around.
In Eve went to Collangis and watched T.V., then played canasta had yogurt and bread, Danish pastry and coffee.  Parked car on 3d ave.

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