Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sun, Nov 27, 1960

75°/82°  6.49/5.26
Up at 8.10, shaved and got breakfast ready.  Brought Tillies in to her at 8.45.  Read the paper and Tillie came out at 9.45.  Wrote to Clara Church.
Gus and Elizabeth came after us and we went to the beach for a swim.  Gus still carries his inner tube.  Elizabeth goes out quite far.
Home at 12.00 and had lunch.  Tillie worked on hot pads and watched T.V.  Had a nap in afternoon.
Put up pole for antenna about 5.00.  Watched T.V. in Eve.
I went to bed at 10.00.  Tillie at 12.00 after irrigating.  Read till 11.00.

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