Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mon, Dec 5, 1960

Up at 6.00 and shaved.  Tillie up at 6.15.  Heated water for coffee and had a cup.  Frost on the ground.
Drove along 27 to Tallahassee where we stopped at a drive in restaurant and had a pork sandwich and a vanilla shake.  Tillie had a strawberry shake. 
No, it was in Pensacola where we had our lunch, it was beautiful country where we went, Route 20 to 231 to 98 in Panama City.  We followed to shore along the Gulf Coast, stretches of pure white sand and then mile or two of motels and cottages.  Nobody down no, as everything looked disserted.
I stopped and took two pictures of the beach.  Also the temperatures of the water, 62°.  A beautiful day.
Found Anderson Mobile Home, on Navy Blvd.  Clara was there.  Later on Laurence came in.  Stayed there till we went to their home on 2nd St.
It is a nice brick house.  Larry sleeps in garage.  Went after Clara, Charlene and Larry at the store and their car wouldn’t start.
Had a nice supper, when Laurence came home.
Pensacola is in Central Tinee Zone.  In Eve. Charlene played the organ for us.  To bed at 11.00.
Slept fine.  Only had to get up once.

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