Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sun, Dec 4, 1960

70°  6.55/5.26
UP at 5.00 and shaved and then back to bed.  Up at 7.00 and got oranges ready, then packed car and were off at 8.30.  Followed 710 to 441.  Followed that to 27.  Followed 27 to Perry.  Stopped by road side and had sandwich and coffee.  Near Chiefland, while Tillie was driving, the left rear blew, so pulled over to the side and changed it.  It took 25 min.  Two colored men stopped and helped.
Then continued till 5.30, when we stopped at “Irene Motel,” a couple miles south of Perry.  Nice room, heated, air conditioned hot and cold water, for $4.12 for the two.
Tillie cut my hair. Had a sandwich and coffee and apple for supper. 
Tillie irrigated.
To bed at 9.00.
Slept fairly good.

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