Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thurs, Dec 1, 1960

55°/77°  6.53/5.26
Up at 8.00 and got breakfast ready.  Watered plants and It was 55° outside at 8.00.  Tillie got up at 9.00.  Worked outside till 10.30 when Gus came and we went down for a swim.  We were the only ones down there except the Ostbergs.  Talked with him for a while.  We had a strong north wind blowing and it picked up while we were there.
Blue Heron Blvd. is open for traffic again after being closed for three days.  Home and had lunch, then went shopping and got insulators for the antenna.
Worked all afternoon putting up antenna and connecting it to T.V.  Had supper of lamb, baked potatoes, cranberries, rice pudding and coffee. 
Watched T.V. in Eve.  We got a telephone call from Clara Charoh, at Tobys.  Talked with her for a few minutes.
Tillie worked on hot pads.
Tillie watched T.V. till 12.00.  I went to be at 10.30 and read.
“Echo” went by at 6.20 but it was too cloudy to see it.

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