Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tues, Dec 6, 1960

We didn’t get up till 8.45.  Larry and Lawrence were gone and Clara was up.  Charlene didn’t get up till 9.30.  Tillie and I had orange juice and an apple and coffee.  About 10.00 Clara went to work.  I took her in my car.  Then home.  Laurena brought a new battery for their Buick and put it in.  Then I went in and wrote in book.  Nice sunny weather. 
Charlene was up and watching T.V.
Clara came home and we had a light lunch.
Then Larry came home from school we two took a walk.
We played solitaire at the office, Larry, Lawrence and I.  Lawrence won.
Home and had pork chops and mashed potatoes, with salad.
Then Clara, Tillie, Lawrence and I went to Escambia High Schol and listened to speeches and at 7.55 we went around to the different schoolrooms and stayed a few min. in each.
Charlene and her boyfriend and another young couple went by themselves.  Larry stayed home and studied.
At 9.00 Charlene played the organ while refreshments were served.  Cookies punch and sandwiches.
Then home and sat talking till about 10.30 when we went to bed.
Slept fine.

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