Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wed, Dec 7, 1960

56°/72°  6.33/5.48
Up at 8.15 and had grapefruit for breakfast.  Also oatmeal and coffee.  Sunny and nice.
The children were gone when we got up.  I drove Lawrence to work.  Clara done laundry first then went to work at 9.45.
Watched T.V.
Went to the beach about 3.00, after Tillie had irrigated, wrote Larry and Lawrence.  The water was about 66° and nice.  The beach was white sand.
Went back to Andersons and sat talking with Clara & Lawrence. 
Then home and we had a nice supper of some kind of spaghetti and minced meat, then ice cream and strawberries.  Helped Larry with his home work.  Later on showed some of my slides.  To be at 11.00 and slept good.

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