Friday, December 24, 2010

Sat, Dec 24, 1960

58°/73°  7.07/5.33
I was up at 6.00 and shaved.  For the last week I’ve had sharp shooting pains in my left eye and cheek, in case I press on them.  Sometimes in the forehead.
Had tangalos for breakfast and cheese and an apple and coffee. 
I took Tillie to work and then I went home for a crap and read paper.
Then went to Henrys and brought some Bourbon & Beer.  Home and lunch.
Went after Tillie and we went to Hildas and stayed there an hour.
Then to Lees for a while.
Then I took her back to Wrightsmans to work.
Pogo Christmas Eve 1960
I went home and checked off cards we received today.  Had supper.  Ed came in for a while.
Tillie called up and asked me to come over as soon as I could.
When we came back, we took Martha to her home and then home.
We went in to DeCiccos for a while and had two drinks.  Peg and Leornard came in and we sat talking till Darryl and Jain came in.  At 10.45 we went home and tied up packages and read letters and cards.  Darryl sleeps at Jim’s place as there is some trouble between Nancy and Darryl.  Tillie to bed at 1.00.
Rained .05 inch of rain in Eve.

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