Friday, December 31, 2010

Sat, Dec 31, 1960

61°/79°  7.09/5.37
Up at 6.20.  Foggy out.  Had orange juice and coffee ready.  Watched T.V. till 7.30 when Tillie left.  The paper didn’t come till 8.30.  I watched T.V. till then.  Read paper, then painted front step.  Swept patio.  Then wrote.
Had coffee and banana bread at 10.50.  Electricity was off from 10.15 to 10.30.
Wrote to Dick.
Had a beer at Dixies.  Tillie came home then and sat talking for a while.  Then went home and changed into bathing suits and went for a swim.  It was a little rougher than yesterday but water was 72°.  Were down for half an hour.  Water not clear.  Home and Tillie heated up some meat and some toast and coffee.  We left about 5.30 and Tillie dropped me off by the Post Office and she continued on while I stopped at 10 cent store and bought some tips (?) for the table.  Home at 6.20.  101 cars passed me from Broadway to my home.  Beautiful night for walking. 
I’ve only felt the pain in my face a few times today, so it’s easing up.
Tillie came home at 8.40 so she irrigated and then at 10.45 we went to Nyropi (?) for a party.  The Strakers came over and so did the Malkemus and Jackson and their daughter and her husband and daughter Christine, also Irene and Charlie Plenkharp.  Also Toby’s boss and his wife.  I had two martinis.  At midnight we sang “Old Lang Syne”.
They had snacks of different kinds and I kept sampling them, so we had a very good time.
We left about 2.15 and went home and straight to bed.

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