Monday, December 27, 2010

Tues, Dec 27, 1960

58°/75°  7.08/5.35
Cloudy most of day.
I took Tillie to work and then went home and read paper.  Then went down town and bought paint at Ingrams.
Bought doughnuts on Clematis St. and cheese and prunes in A&P.
Home by noon and had lunch.  Watered yard.  Then washed patio floor with soap and hot water first then clear water.  Washed car.
Ed came over for a while and we sat talking till 6.00.
I went after Tillie at 7.50 and waited in living room for her till 8.45.  We rode along Flagler Drive and saw the Herzel Bros. Xmas Pageant.  Then drove over to Palm Beach Shores and saw some of the lighting displays.
Home at 9.45 and had a cup of coffee.  To bed at 11.00.
I’ve had those shooting pains up my left side of the face.  I can never tell just when it’s going to start.
It began a week before Xmas with just a slight pain and it would be gone in a few seconds.  Sometimes I feel it when I chew, sometimes any time I touch any part of the left side, especially around the Eye.  It hurts when I wash my face.  It shoots up to my forehead at the parting of the hair.  It’s a good thing it doesn’t hurt when I sleep.

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