Monday, December 20, 2010

Sun, Dec 18, 1960

52°/69°  7.04/5.30
Up at 6.30 and got oranges and coffee ready.  Tillie dressed and left at 7.25 for Wrightsmans, where she is going to work.
I watered the plants and cut the grass then read the paper.
Cloudy all forenoon.  I had heat on.  For lunch I had cranberries and chicken sandwiches & coffee.
Spread manure.  Picked a papaya.  Watched T.V. and wrote Christmas Cards.
Tillie came home about 3.00 and left at 5.00.  I had a lamb chop, bread & butter and yogurt & coffee.
Watched T.V. then read.
To bed at 10.00.  Tillie irrigated.
A plane hit a street car in Munich, Germany and killed quite a few people.

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