Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thurs, Dec 29, 1960

69°/79°  7.08/5.36
Up at 6.15 and got breakfast.  Then I finished painting patio.  Then I painted carport floor and finished it about 10.10.  Then had cup of coffee and a doughnut.
At 11.00 I began putting in the bricks in front of DiCiccos place.  Their Boliaia grass is beginning to come up.  I finished the bricks about 1.30.
Tillie came home about 3.00 and we hung out the laundry.
Tillie backed banana bread this afternoon.  Gave 2/3 to Jun DiCicco.
My head has been hurting all day.  It’s been about the nicest day we have had for a couple of weeks.
I took in laundry and had supper.  Watched T.V. till Tillie came home.  I was tired and my head ached, so I went to bed at 10.00.  Tillie at 11.00.

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