Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mon, Nov 7, 1960

56°/74°  6.34/5.33
Up at 8.00.  It was 54° at 8.30.  I had orange juice, Tillie grapefruit.  Sunny, with just a slight breeze.
Tillie got up at 9.10.
She killed ants in the lawn for a while.  I wrote letters.
It was too chilly a wind to go swimming.  It went up to 72° at 1.00, then dropped to 68° at 4.00.
Shopped in Ten cent store and the Food Fair.  Got some presents for Maureen, Paula and Valerie.
Stopped at Jim’s and talked for a while.  Pulled some tacks out.
Home and Tillie made cabbage soup for supper.
Watched KonTiki on TV.  Ed Miller came in for a few minutes.
In Eve went to Collangis and Mr. Holmes was there.  We all went to the recreations hall to a meeting of the Riviera Civic Club and spent an interesting Eve talking about the improvement of the city.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sun, Nov 6, 1960

65°/81°  6.34/5.34
Up at 7.30 and had breakfast of orange juice, cheese and coffee.  Tillie got up at 9.00.  64° when I got up.
Read the paper and then went for a swim.  Water 78°.  Stayed down till 12.30.
Home and lunch.  Then a nap.  At 3.00 we took a ride to Norton Gallery and Enjoyed the pictures.
Took a ride to see the Allebaughs but there weren’t home.
Took a ride to Palm Beach and so home.
Had mashed potatoes and Ham for supper.
About 7.15 Gus and Elizabeth came over and we played cards, watched T.V. and talked and had coffee.  They left at 11.00.
I washed disches and Tillie watched T.V., then irrigated.  I read til 12.00.  Had a drink of Blackberry wine and toasted Judy on her 21st birthday.

Sat, Nov 5, 1960

73°/80°  6.33/5.34
Up at 8.20.  Sunny and 70° then.  Got breakfast ready and brought it in to Tillie at 9.00.
Tied up Clint’s present and mailed it at the P.O.
82° at noon. 
Went for a swim at 11.00.  Water disty.  Our old life guard was there.
Brought home a plank.
Watered back yard.
Went shopping in Food Fair.
Went shopping in afternoon.
Watched T.V. in Eve.
To bed at 10.00.

Fri, Nov 4, 1960

64°/80°  6.32/5.36
Up at 6.00 and watched classroom.  Back to bed and slept till 8.20.  Shaved and had breakfast. 
Transplanted some zoyzia.  They are digging up the street on the 3d street crossing and are almost up to Leonhards.
Went for a swim and we were the only ones in swimming.  Talked with the lifeguard afterwards.  Also a young man talking about his father and how much money he made in restaurant business.
The water was 77° and air 78°.  Home and lunch.
When our check came, we went down and paid our morgage.  Saw Ray Lee there and his red car.
Then went to Lindens and saw Hilda.  Sat and talked with her.  Had coffee and doughnuts.
Left at 6.00 and were home in time for Huntley Brinkley program.  Had shrimp for supper, with french fried.
Sunny and nice but cool north East wind.
Watched T.V. in evening.  To bed at 10.00.  Tillie 11.00.

Thurs, Nov 3, 1960

65°/80°  6.31/5.36
Up at 7.45.  Cool and sunny 75° at 7.50.  Had breakfast of orange juice, cheese and coffee and four prunes.
Tillie up at 9.00.
North Wind.
Went for a swim, water warm but north wind cool.
Home and lunch.  Tillie had a nap.  I arranged Geographic maps.
Had supper watching T.V.  Ed was here and had a glass of ale.
Finished arranging maps at 8.00.  Watched T.V. till 10.30 then to bed.  Tillie irrigated.

Wed, Nov 2, 1960

66°/81°  6.32/5.36
Up at 8.20 and got breakfast.  Tillie up at 8.50.
After breakfast worked in yard.  Sunny and cool.  Wrote a letter while Tillie took in washing.
Then went swimming.
We were the only ones in the water.  Water 80°  Only Eight people at the beach.
Went shopping at “Kwik Chek”  Sorted maps in utility room.  Tillie pulled weeds.
A week ago they started diggin up 2nd Ave. to lay sewer pipes.  They have got as far as Bjenehas house.  At one house they go down 7 feet at DeCiccos 7 ½ at Malkemus 8’ and at End of street 9.65 feet.
Stayed home in Eve. And watched T.V.

Tues, Nov 1, 1960

73°/83°  6.30/5.37
Up at 8.00 and shaved and got breakfast ready, cloudy early but sun came out at 9.30.
Went to laundry, hung it up and went for a swim.  It began raining while down there.  Got home at 12.00 and took rugs.  Hot lunch, watched T.V. for an hour.
Began sorting out the stuff in utility room.  Worked on that till dark, the rain stopped about 7.00 .9” of rain.
At 7.15 we went after Straker but he was asleep, so we went after the Collangis and we all went to Ordways.
Had a meeting there and Leonard and Ordway are going to see the council about a sign on Blue Heron Blvd and 2nd St.
Closed at 8.20 and then went to Collangis, where we played canasta, then had puffed wheat and papaya nad coffee.
Watched T.V. and talked till 11.30.  Moon was out then.
Home at 11.45.  Tillie irrigated and I read till about 1.00

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mon, Oct 31, 1960

75°/86°  6.30/5.37
Up at 7.45.  Windy and sunny.  Clouded up at 9.00
They surveyed the street for sewers and layed out the sewer pipe on the side walks.
Had prunes, orange juice, cheese and coffee for breakfast.  Wrote in diary.
Went for a swim at 10.45.  Too rough for swimming, so just waded.  We were the only ones in.  81° water.
Home and had grapenuts & egg & coffee.  Rained very hard at 2.00.  Had an hours nap.
Wrote to Annette.
After supper sorted out scrapbooks.  Watched T.V.
Eighteen children came here for treats.  Watched T.V. till 11.00.
Raining hard in Eve with plenty of thunder.

Sun, Oct 30, 1960

69°/84°  6.29/5.38
Up at 8.00 and had breakfast on porch.  Leonard came over and asked us to visit Pratt & Whitney plant with them.  So Tillie, Ed, Leonard, Strahen and I went out there at 10.30 and Leonard showed us through the plant.  It’s a nice plant and we saw the jet Engines being made, all the Machinery, and testing apparatus and the testing grounds about 5 miles away.  It’s a very clean nice place, with a wooden block floor.  Big drafting rooms and cafeteria.  We walked around for over two hours and didn’t see it all.
Got home at 2.20 had a sandwich and coffee, then went after Dot and Harold and went to the beach for a swim.  Stayed down an hour.
Hundreds of people on beach and in water.
Home and we sat down to coffee and crackers and cookies and sat talking till 6.00.
In Eve, sat watching T.V. till Peggy and Leonard came in with Susy.  We sat down and talked while Peggy had a beer and the rest of us highballs.
They went home at 8.30 and then we watched T.V. till 10.30 and so to bed.

Sat, Oct 29, 1960

70°/84°  6.27/5.40
Up at 7.50 and got breakfast.  Watered yard.  Went for a swim.  Nice and calm.
Home and lunch.
In afternoon went to Food Fair.  Watched T.V. in Eve. At Larkens.  Harold showed his latest slides.  Had coffee, pie and ice cream.
Home at 11.15.

Fri, Oct 28, 1960

74°/84°  6.26/5.40
Up at 7.45 and shaved and squeezed oranges.  Read paper and read.  Tillie washed china closet dishes.
Went for a swim at 11.00.  Cloudy all fore noon.  A nap after lunch.  At 2.00 we left for Farmers Market and done some shopping.  Then went to Sears and shopped.  Went to Motor Registration office and registered my car for 1961.
Then home and watered lawn.  We had corn for supper and it was about the best corn we’ve had this year.
Watched T.V. in Eve.

Thurs, Oct 27, 1960

72°/84°  6.27/5.41
Sunny and nice this morning.  Got up at 8.15, shaved and squeezed oranges.  After breakfast read paper.  It was 76° when I got up.
Tillie washed dishes in cupboards, the green glass dishes.  Also the top of cupboard.
Transplanted zayzia and watered lawn.  Had coffee under umbrella.
Read for a while, then had a nap in hammock.  Beautiful day.
Wend for a swim, water 81°
Watched T.V. in Eve.
Ed came in for a while around 6.30.

Wed, Oct 26, 1960

74°/80°  6.26/5.42
Up at 6.00 and watched chemistry till 6.30 while I had a cup of coffee.  Then watched Mathematics till 1.00 and then Dave Garroway.
Had orange juice, cheese and coffee for breakfast.
Cloudy most of day with showers a couple of times.
Went for a swim this noon.  It was quite rough.
Had pumpernickel & soup for lunch.  Tillie made molasses crinkles this afternoon.
I put in an outside outlet on the East side of patio.
I finished at 5.15.
Tillie wrote a letter in afternoon.
In Eve. We went to Howells, when we had a birthday party on Hilda Linden.  It rained a little going down, but moon was out when we went into the house.  We sat talking politics till coffee was ready.  It began raining and it really came down hard.
We said goodby to the Howells and wished Hilda a happy birthday.  She is 78.
It was raining when we left and rained all the way home, sometimes so hard we couldn’t see the road.
In Lake Worth, streets were flooded Even S. Dixie was covered from curb to curb in some places.  My brakes got wet, so brakes didn’t hold.  Side streets were flooded.  In Monroe Heights we had .15 of an inch of rain; that’s all.

Dave Garroway (1913-1982), was a TV pioneer, the first host of NBC's Today Show which he left that in 1961, after having begun it in 1952.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tues, Oct 25, 1960

69°/83°  6.25/5.43
Up at 7.50 and shaved and squeezed oranges.
After breakfast spread fertilizer, 50 lbs.  Watered lawn.  Raised stone by back door.  Swept patio and hung clothesline while Tillie was at laundry.  3d st is closed while they are tarring the road.
It’s sunny and nice.
Went swimming
In afternoon, went shopping.
Paid light bill
Had car greased and oil changed at Gulf Motors.
Saw Democratic parade.
Home at 5.30 and after supper, we watched T.V.  Ed came over and stayed till 11.15.
To bed and read till 12.00

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mon, Oct 24, 1960

69°/81°  6.25/5.44
Up at 6.30 and watched Mathematics on Classroom.  Had prunes and orange juice and coffee.
Cool and cloudy
Went to beach and there were only 20 people there.  We were the first ones in the water.
Cloudy most of day.
Transplanted zayzia.
Tillie washed the bupboard dishes  She found thousands of small ants.
Had egg and apple for supper.  We were without water for 45 min when the waterpipe on 3d st. was broken.  They have just put in a storm sewer there and are finishing the surface now.
Watched Riverboat in Eve.
To bed after we had seen “Shangri La”
To sleep at 11.45.  Had blanket on.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sun, Oct 23, 1960

72°/81°  6.24/5.44
About 4.00 AM. We had a heavy rain .72” and very windy.
Slept till 8.45.  Read paper and had orange juice for breakfast.
Went for our swim, but it was too rough for swimming.  The policeman said it was very rough early this morning.  The sea went down, though the spray at Nigger Head was very high.
Drove around Palm Beach Shores on the way home.
Had an “Old Fashioned” before dinner sitting in the yard.
Had liver paste sandwiches and coffee for dinner.
Clouded up this noon.
Went to Ida Halls this afternoon and spent a couple of hours there.  Nice day got home at 6.20 and Tillie made corn muffins for supper.
On the way down, we stopped at Kings and bought 100 lbs 6-6-6 fertilizer.
Watched T.V. till 10.30 when I went to bed and read.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sat, Oct 22, 1960

71°/82°  6.28/5.45
Up at 8.30, shaved and read paper Had orange juice and banana for breakfast.
Clouded up in forenoon.
Went for a swim at 11.15.  Very calm with N.W. winds very light.
Transplanted soyzia grass.
Went to Mount Acres but Harrisons are not back yet.
Sunny and cool.
Bacon and eggs for supper.
Rained for half and hour in Eve.
Watched “Bonanza”
To bed at 11.00 and read.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fri, Oct 21, 1960

74°/87°  6.23/5.46
Up at 6.00 and watched Classroom on T.V. till 7.00 then went back to bed till 8.00.  Painted stairs Florida green.
Went for a swim and were home at 12.00.  Went down and done our shopping in Kwik Check
Home and gave stairs another coat of paint.
Ed came over and we sat talking out in the yard for a couple of hours.
Had fish, that Collangis gave us yesterday, for supper.
Watched “Our American Heritage” on T.V. till Collangis came over.
Played one game of canasta then had coffee & banana bread, Ice cream and meringues.
Watched Nixon-Kennedy debate, and then read.  I washed dishes while Tillie irrigated.
Read till 12.00.
Vachon groves opened their fruit stand last Tuesday  Bought green oranges there.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thurs, Oct 20, 1960

75°/87°  6.23/5.47
Rained a little last night.  Just a trace in the raingage.  Got up at 8.00 and shaved.  Wrote in diary.
Dressed and went to T.V. Doctor and bought a Zenith T.V. set, 19”.
Went swimming at 11.00 and got back at 12.15.  Tillie gave the lifeguard a piece of banana bread.
Had a heavy shower this afternoon for 20 min .12” rain.
Ed came over about 4.00 and stayed till 6.00.
Had 3.00 o’clock coffee.
Finished stairs, screwing them together.  Watched T.V. in Eve.
Wrote a letter to Elaine Seaton
Watched Groucho Marx at 10.00
Read till 11.00

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wed, Oct 19, 1960

71°/84°  6.22/5.48
I woke at 2.00 and read for a while then fell asleep.  It rained and blew quite and around 4.00 AM.
Got up at 8.10 and had pineapple juice and grapefruit for breakfast.  Read the paper
At 9.30 Mrs. Wagner, came in and talked with Tillie and sold her some Avon articles.
Then went for a swim and were back at 11.30.  The water was full of sea weed from the storm last night, some big rollers came in.
Sunny and nice after a cloudy morning.
Put up the rain guage.  Cleaned grass out of front garden  Transplanted some sea grapes.
Worked till 4.00, took a shower and rested till supper.
Wrote to Dick Mansfield.  Ed Walked in about eight.  We were sitting on porch and he stayed till 10.00
I put up aluminum trellises  I finished writing at 10.00. had a beer with Ed and then to bed.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tues, Oct 18, 1960

74°/84°  6.26/5.49
Woke up at 2.00 this morning and trimmed my hair.  Then went to bed and read till 3.00 when I fell asleep.
Got up at 8.00 and got breakfast ready.  Began cleaning out utility room and filling book shelves.
At 10.45 we went to Nancys to see if she wanted to go swimming, but she has a cold, so didn’t go with us.
We had a good swim but there was an East wind, so it was rougher than yesterday, and not so clear.
Stayed down an hour and then went home for lunch.
Tillie had an hour nap after lunch.
She went to the laundry this morning then home and hung it up.  Later on she ironed.
Had supper at 6.00
Cloudy off and on but mostly sunny  A slight shower about 3.00 this morning.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mon, Oct 17, 1960

70°/84°  6.20/5.51
Up at 8.00 and had grapes pineapple juice and cheese and coffee.  Tillie had toast also with her coffee.
Beautiful morning 72° when up.  Tillie defrosted the refrigerator.  Took about an hour.
Went for a swim, home and at 2.00 we left and went to bank, then went to Hilda Lindens and spent a few hours with her.  Had coffee and buns.
Then, on the way home stopped at Mays and shopped.  Got home at 6.00
Had a drink before supper.
Read in Eve.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sun, Oct 16, 1960

74°/86°  6.20/5.51
Up at 7.40 shaved and had breakfast and read paper.
Pineapple juice and a grapefruit and coffee.
Dug a hole and tarred a 2x4 pole and put it in the ground for the rain guage.
Went for a swim at 10.10 home by 11.15  Sunny and nice.
Home and trimmed grass.  Put in pole for rain guage, after tarring it.
Tillie made biscuits.  About 4.00 Ray and Dot Lee came here and I made daiquiris and we sat in yard drinking and talking.  Tillie had a roast in the oven.
We had dinner around 5.30 and sat talking and eating till about 6.30 when we went in to the living room.
Dot and Harda Larken came over about 7.00 and the six of us sat talking till 8.00, when Dot and Ray went home.  Later and Tillie and I washed dishes while talking to them.  Later on we had coffee and biscuits and banana bread.
They went home about 11.30 and Tillie and I washed dishes.  Tillie irrigated and I read in bed till about 1.00

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sat, Oct 15, 1960

73°/85°  6.20/5.52
Up at 7.40 and shaved, Read paper had grapefruit for breakfast.
Dixie came over with Sheila and stayed for coffee.  Played with Sheila
After they left Tillie and I went downtown and looked at T.V. in Western Auto, Sears and then went to Waalgrens and bought some liquor.
Home and put our bathing suits on and went for a swim.  Water 83  home and lunch.
Cut grass, frond and rear.  About 7.00 went over to Jacksons and stayed there for hour or so.
Home and had grapenut flakes and apple pie for supper at 9.00
Then to bed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fri, Oct 14, 1960 (Nils' 76th birthday)

74°/82°  6.19/5.53
Up at 7.40, shaved.  Cloudy and very still.  Had pineapple juice and cheese and coffee.  Had a heavy shower about 10.00
At noon it began to rain very hard with Plenty of thunder and lightning.
I put the ladder together and it’s just long Enough.  It rained again at 3.20  We went for a swim and there were only seven people there.
Home and read and wrote till supper time  Had shrimp and F.F.
Tillie made and apple pie and about 9.00 we had apple pie and coffee  Tillie also had made banana bread and, while I was finishing a letter, brought some over to DeCiccos
Dixie was baby sitting, while Jim was bowling.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thurs, Oct 13, 1960

70°/85°  6.19/5.54
Up at 6.50, shaved and got breakfast  Wrote to Naves. (?)  Tillie washed bedroom windows.  I weeded.
Read our mail then went for a swim  Stopped in 7 and 11 and got some milk
Beautiful day.
After lunch we had a nap.
Ed came over about 3.30 and we took a ride to “Fisch” and looked at T.V. sets.  Then we went to another place and looked at T.V.
Then went to Mays and done our shopping.  Got home about 6.00
After supper we listened to Nixon-Kennedy debate.
No breeze at night.  Cloudy.
To bed at 9.30

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wed, Oct 12, 1960

73°/86°  6.18/5.55

Columbus day.  Up at 8.00 and made coffee
Tillie washed kitchen and living room windows.  Began raining, lightning and thunder at 11.00.  Rained quite hard till noon.
Picked soyzia grass and planted it.  Went for a swim at 12.30 and there were only ten persons at the beach.
It was a beautiful day and we swam out to the ball.
Home and lunch and Tillie washed some more windows.
I took the barometer apart and put in a thread that was broken.  Now I’ll see if it works.
Had a very heavy shower in afternoon for a couple of hours and we had some terrific lightning and thunder.  Let up around 6.00.
Stayed home in Eve. and wrote

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tues, Oct 11, 1960

Up at 8.00 and trimmed in yard.  Wrote to Til.  Went for a swim at 11.00  Home and lunch.  Went to bank and cashed checks.  Shopped in Publix.
Home and trimmed bushed and watered lawn.
Supper at 6.00  Cloudy this morning.  Sunny from noon on.
Denise has gained a lot of weight  She doesn't like snow.
Stayed home in eve. and read and wrote
Had potatoes and chickens, coffee and ice cream
Got up at 1.00AM and took baking soda  Then fell asleep.