Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sun, Oct 16, 1960

74°/86°  6.20/5.51
Up at 7.40 shaved and had breakfast and read paper.
Pineapple juice and a grapefruit and coffee.
Dug a hole and tarred a 2x4 pole and put it in the ground for the rain guage.
Went for a swim at 10.10 home by 11.15  Sunny and nice.
Home and trimmed grass.  Put in pole for rain guage, after tarring it.
Tillie made biscuits.  About 4.00 Ray and Dot Lee came here and I made daiquiris and we sat in yard drinking and talking.  Tillie had a roast in the oven.
We had dinner around 5.30 and sat talking and eating till about 6.30 when we went in to the living room.
Dot and Harda Larken came over about 7.00 and the six of us sat talking till 8.00, when Dot and Ray went home.  Later and Tillie and I washed dishes while talking to them.  Later on we had coffee and biscuits and banana bread.
They went home about 11.30 and Tillie and I washed dishes.  Tillie irrigated and I read in bed till about 1.00

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