Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mon, Oct 24, 1960

69°/81°  6.25/5.44
Up at 6.30 and watched Mathematics on Classroom.  Had prunes and orange juice and coffee.
Cool and cloudy
Went to beach and there were only 20 people there.  We were the first ones in the water.
Cloudy most of day.
Transplanted zayzia.
Tillie washed the bupboard dishes  She found thousands of small ants.
Had egg and apple for supper.  We were without water for 45 min when the waterpipe on 3d st. was broken.  They have just put in a storm sewer there and are finishing the surface now.
Watched Riverboat in Eve.
To bed after we had seen “Shangri La”
To sleep at 11.45.  Had blanket on.

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