Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wed, Oct 19, 1960

71°/84°  6.22/5.48
I woke at 2.00 and read for a while then fell asleep.  It rained and blew quite and around 4.00 AM.
Got up at 8.10 and had pineapple juice and grapefruit for breakfast.  Read the paper
At 9.30 Mrs. Wagner, came in and talked with Tillie and sold her some Avon articles.
Then went for a swim and were back at 11.30.  The water was full of sea weed from the storm last night, some big rollers came in.
Sunny and nice after a cloudy morning.
Put up the rain guage.  Cleaned grass out of front garden  Transplanted some sea grapes.
Worked till 4.00, took a shower and rested till supper.
Wrote to Dick Mansfield.  Ed Walked in about eight.  We were sitting on porch and he stayed till 10.00
I put up aluminum trellises  I finished writing at 10.00. had a beer with Ed and then to bed.

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