Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fri, Oct 21, 1960

74°/87°  6.23/5.46
Up at 6.00 and watched Classroom on T.V. till 7.00 then went back to bed till 8.00.  Painted stairs Florida green.
Went for a swim and were home at 12.00.  Went down and done our shopping in Kwik Check
Home and gave stairs another coat of paint.
Ed came over and we sat talking out in the yard for a couple of hours.
Had fish, that Collangis gave us yesterday, for supper.
Watched “Our American Heritage” on T.V. till Collangis came over.
Played one game of canasta then had coffee & banana bread, Ice cream and meringues.
Watched Nixon-Kennedy debate, and then read.  I washed dishes while Tillie irrigated.
Read till 12.00.
Vachon groves opened their fruit stand last Tuesday  Bought green oranges there.

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