Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mon, Oct 31, 1960

75°/86°  6.30/5.37
Up at 7.45.  Windy and sunny.  Clouded up at 9.00
They surveyed the street for sewers and layed out the sewer pipe on the side walks.
Had prunes, orange juice, cheese and coffee for breakfast.  Wrote in diary.
Went for a swim at 10.45.  Too rough for swimming, so just waded.  We were the only ones in.  81° water.
Home and had grapenuts & egg & coffee.  Rained very hard at 2.00.  Had an hours nap.
Wrote to Annette.
After supper sorted out scrapbooks.  Watched T.V.
Eighteen children came here for treats.  Watched T.V. till 11.00.
Raining hard in Eve with plenty of thunder.

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