Friday, October 29, 2010

Wed, Nov 2, 1960

66°/81°  6.32/5.36
Up at 8.20 and got breakfast.  Tillie up at 8.50.
After breakfast worked in yard.  Sunny and cool.  Wrote a letter while Tillie took in washing.
Then went swimming.
We were the only ones in the water.  Water 80°  Only Eight people at the beach.
Went shopping at “Kwik Chek”  Sorted maps in utility room.  Tillie pulled weeds.
A week ago they started diggin up 2nd Ave. to lay sewer pipes.  They have got as far as Bjenehas house.  At one house they go down 7 feet at DeCiccos 7 ½ at Malkemus 8’ and at End of street 9.65 feet.
Stayed home in Eve. And watched T.V.

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