Friday, October 29, 2010

Tues, Nov 1, 1960

73°/83°  6.30/5.37
Up at 8.00 and shaved and got breakfast ready, cloudy early but sun came out at 9.30.
Went to laundry, hung it up and went for a swim.  It began raining while down there.  Got home at 12.00 and took rugs.  Hot lunch, watched T.V. for an hour.
Began sorting out the stuff in utility room.  Worked on that till dark, the rain stopped about 7.00 .9” of rain.
At 7.15 we went after Straker but he was asleep, so we went after the Collangis and we all went to Ordways.
Had a meeting there and Leonard and Ordway are going to see the council about a sign on Blue Heron Blvd and 2nd St.
Closed at 8.20 and then went to Collangis, where we played canasta, then had puffed wheat and papaya nad coffee.
Watched T.V. and talked till 11.30.  Moon was out then.
Home at 11.45.  Tillie irrigated and I read till about 1.00

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