Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fri, Oct 14, 1960 (Nils' 76th birthday)

74°/82°  6.19/5.53
Up at 7.40, shaved.  Cloudy and very still.  Had pineapple juice and cheese and coffee.  Had a heavy shower about 10.00
At noon it began to rain very hard with Plenty of thunder and lightning.
I put the ladder together and it’s just long Enough.  It rained again at 3.20  We went for a swim and there were only seven people there.
Home and read and wrote till supper time  Had shrimp and F.F.
Tillie made and apple pie and about 9.00 we had apple pie and coffee  Tillie also had made banana bread and, while I was finishing a letter, brought some over to DeCiccos
Dixie was baby sitting, while Jim was bowling.

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