Friday, October 29, 2010

Fri, Nov 4, 1960

64°/80°  6.32/5.36
Up at 6.00 and watched classroom.  Back to bed and slept till 8.20.  Shaved and had breakfast. 
Transplanted some zoyzia.  They are digging up the street on the 3d street crossing and are almost up to Leonhards.
Went for a swim and we were the only ones in swimming.  Talked with the lifeguard afterwards.  Also a young man talking about his father and how much money he made in restaurant business.
The water was 77° and air 78°.  Home and lunch.
When our check came, we went down and paid our morgage.  Saw Ray Lee there and his red car.
Then went to Lindens and saw Hilda.  Sat and talked with her.  Had coffee and doughnuts.
Left at 6.00 and were home in time for Huntley Brinkley program.  Had shrimp for supper, with french fried.
Sunny and nice but cool north East wind.
Watched T.V. in evening.  To bed at 10.00.  Tillie 11.00.

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