Monday, October 18, 2010

Tues, Oct 18, 1960

74°/84°  6.26/5.49
Woke up at 2.00 this morning and trimmed my hair.  Then went to bed and read till 3.00 when I fell asleep.
Got up at 8.00 and got breakfast ready.  Began cleaning out utility room and filling book shelves.
At 10.45 we went to Nancys to see if she wanted to go swimming, but she has a cold, so didn’t go with us.
We had a good swim but there was an East wind, so it was rougher than yesterday, and not so clear.
Stayed down an hour and then went home for lunch.
Tillie had an hour nap after lunch.
She went to the laundry this morning then home and hung it up.  Later on she ironed.
Had supper at 6.00
Cloudy off and on but mostly sunny  A slight shower about 3.00 this morning.

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