Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fri, June 2, 1961

69°/86° 5.25/7.10
Up at 6.15 and shaved, had my orange juice and coffee. Read paper and wrote in diary. Tillie up at 8.20. Carried compost from DeCiccos to my pile.
Went for a swim at 10.00 and were home at 10.40. Sunny and 86° at 12.00.
After lunch went to Gulf Motors and made an appointment for Monday. Then went to court house to find out when driving license expires.
Done our shopping and in Kwik Check.
Cut our lawn and DeCiccos lawn.
In Eve. went to Johnsons and watched slides. It was Harold Larkens birthday. So the Jacksons were there too.
Later on had cookies, ice cream and coffee. Got home at 11.30.
Barometer 30.10 Humidity 67%

Thurs, June 1, 1961

74°/85° 5.26/7.10
Heavy rain at 3.00 this morning. I got up at 8.00. Had apples for breakfast. Tillie at 9.00.
Finished Tils letter.
Went for a swim and Etta. Lunch at DeCiccos. Both Tillie and I helped Dixie and Frank to plant and trim crotons and hibiscus.
Quit at 5.00 and I went after oranges and Hamburgers.
Went to Beach-Drive-In and saw “Elmer Gantry” and “The Apartment.” Burt Lancaster & Jean Simmons in Gantry, Jack Lemmon, Shirley McLane & Fred McMurray in the other.
Got home at 12.20 and so to bed and read till 1.15. Nice moonlight night.
Bar. 30.13 Hum. 61.

Wed, May 31, 1961

69°/85° 5.26/7.09
Up at 7.00 and had my breakfast and read paper. Nice sunny morning. Worked in yard. Beautiful day.
Went for a swim with Etta, Dot and Harold Larkin. Rougher then yesterday.
Home and lunch, then a nap. Tillie ironed.
They came here this forenoon and dug up the sidewalk, where it had caved in and got it ready for the cement. They came about 4.30 and poured the cement and put signs up and lit the flares.
Watched T.V. in Eve. To bed at 10.30. Hum. 57 Bar. 30.12

Tues, May 30, 1961 – Memorial Day

70°/87° 5.26/7.09
Up at 7.45, shaved and got orange juice and apples ready and coffee going. Watched Garroway show and Miss Taylor and Exercised.
Moon rises 7.53 P.M.
Worked in yard, then read paper.
Went for a swim with Etta. Saw the Collangis down there. Home and after lunch had a nap. Then sifted compost and then wrote to Sherlie Mansfield and the Naves and Faye.
After supper we went to Harrisons and watched them play shuffle board, later had coffee & crackers and talked.
Got home at 11.45 and to bed at 12.00. read for a while.
Moon rose at 8.55 P.M. Beautiful Evening.
Hum. 54 Bar. 30.1

Mon, May 29, 1961

71°/82° 5.26/7.08
Up at 7.30 and got oranges ready, apples and coffee. Cloudy. Hoed garden and spread compost. Craig helped me.
Tillie planted some cherry plants, began raining at 10.00 and rained till 11.30.
Watched T.V. till 11.30 then I read paper.
Had toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch. Then read Prov. Journals.
Tillie worked in yard.
Rained and thundered most of afternoon. Gray sky all over.
Wrote to Eleanor Carlson and George Fuss. Went to P.O. and bought stamps.
Ed came in and stayed for a couple of hours. He had a bottle of beer while we had supper.
Then watched T.V.
.25” rain fell. Hum. 88
To bed at 10.30.

Sun, May 28, 1961

72°/84° 5.26/7.08
Up at 9.30 and read till 5.00. Up at 7.45 and had breakfast. Tillie up at 8.15 and then I read paper.
Kiera came here and showed me her roller skates. Sunny and nice this forenoon.
Went for a swim with Etta and water 78° but N.E. breeze made it kind of rough, but wind died down by noon. Home at 12.30.
Had lunch and a nap at 3.00. We left for Lantana. It began to rain and poured all the way down to Ida Halls where we spent a couple of hours, Ida doing most of the talking. She gave me some Prov. Journals and Sat. Eve Posts.
Home and beef stew supper.
Watched T.V. till 10.30.
.85” rain fell here.
Bar. 30.13 Hum. 89

Sat, May 27, 1961

71°/86° 5.26/7.07
Up at 8.30 and got juice ready. Bar. 30.03. Watched T.V. till 10.00.
Tillie cleaned house & I read paper. Sunny and nice 82° at 10.00.
Went to Mucers and paid Electric bill then for a swim with Etta. Home and I made pancakes for lunch.
Then we sat talking with Etta till 2.30. Cloudy.
Etta liked my pancakes.
I cut DeCiccos grass and then my own. Sifted compost. Tillie wrote to Edith Benson. Cloudy in afternoon and warm. Took a shower and Tillie irrigated.
In Eve. I went to Royal Castle and bought 4 hamburgers and two French Fries and we had them for supper.
Later on we went to Collangis and played Samba, had coffee, ice cream and cake. Sat and talked later on and we got home at 1.15.
My head aches when I chew and then for a while after.
Rained .85” during evening.
Saw Betty and George Holween.

Fri, May 26, 1961

67°/82° 5.27/7.07
Heavy rain and wind about 5.00 this morning. Got up and shut windows.
Up at 7.30 and waxed car after breakfast. Rained a little.
Cloudy. Went after Etta and went for a swim. Only about a dozen people at the beach. Water 77°
Went over to Ettas for coffee and crackers & cheese.
Dug up three banana plants and planted one in Rivers yard, one in Strakers and one in Ettas. Rained very hard most of afternoon.
I wrote to Annette.
Went to Kwik Check about 5.00 and bought beer.
Watched T.V. in eve.
To bed at 10.30. Still raining. I feel the pain in my face when I chew.