Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fri, May 26, 1961

67°/82° 5.27/7.07
Heavy rain and wind about 5.00 this morning. Got up and shut windows.
Up at 7.30 and waxed car after breakfast. Rained a little.
Cloudy. Went after Etta and went for a swim. Only about a dozen people at the beach. Water 77°
Went over to Ettas for coffee and crackers & cheese.
Dug up three banana plants and planted one in Rivers yard, one in Strakers and one in Ettas. Rained very hard most of afternoon.
I wrote to Annette.
Went to Kwik Check about 5.00 and bought beer.
Watched T.V. in eve.
To bed at 10.30. Still raining. I feel the pain in my face when I chew.

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