Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sat, May 27, 1961

71°/86° 5.26/7.07
Up at 8.30 and got juice ready. Bar. 30.03. Watched T.V. till 10.00.
Tillie cleaned house & I read paper. Sunny and nice 82° at 10.00.
Went to Mucers and paid Electric bill then for a swim with Etta. Home and I made pancakes for lunch.
Then we sat talking with Etta till 2.30. Cloudy.
Etta liked my pancakes.
I cut DeCiccos grass and then my own. Sifted compost. Tillie wrote to Edith Benson. Cloudy in afternoon and warm. Took a shower and Tillie irrigated.
In Eve. I went to Royal Castle and bought 4 hamburgers and two French Fries and we had them for supper.
Later on we went to Collangis and played Samba, had coffee, ice cream and cake. Sat and talked later on and we got home at 1.15.
My head aches when I chew and then for a while after.
Rained .85” during evening.
Saw Betty and George Holween.

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