Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fri, June 2, 1961

69°/86° 5.25/7.10
Up at 6.15 and shaved, had my orange juice and coffee. Read paper and wrote in diary. Tillie up at 8.20. Carried compost from DeCiccos to my pile.
Went for a swim at 10.00 and were home at 10.40. Sunny and 86° at 12.00.
After lunch went to Gulf Motors and made an appointment for Monday. Then went to court house to find out when driving license expires.
Done our shopping and in Kwik Check.
Cut our lawn and DeCiccos lawn.
In Eve. went to Johnsons and watched slides. It was Harold Larkens birthday. So the Jacksons were there too.
Later on had cookies, ice cream and coffee. Got home at 11.30.
Barometer 30.10 Humidity 67%

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