Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sun, May 28, 1961

72°/84° 5.26/7.08
Up at 9.30 and read till 5.00. Up at 7.45 and had breakfast. Tillie up at 8.15 and then I read paper.
Kiera came here and showed me her roller skates. Sunny and nice this forenoon.
Went for a swim with Etta and water 78° but N.E. breeze made it kind of rough, but wind died down by noon. Home at 12.30.
Had lunch and a nap at 3.00. We left for Lantana. It began to rain and poured all the way down to Ida Halls where we spent a couple of hours, Ida doing most of the talking. She gave me some Prov. Journals and Sat. Eve Posts.
Home and beef stew supper.
Watched T.V. till 10.30.
.85” rain fell here.
Bar. 30.13 Hum. 89

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