Friday, March 25, 2011

March 22 - May 4, 1961 Missing

The journal entries from March 22 - May 4, 1961 are missing, thus the break in continuity.

If these entries are found, I will add them here at a future date.

To resume with May 5, 1961.

Tues, Mar 21, 1961

52°/86°  6.22/6.32
Up at 7.25 and shaved and had breakfast of oranges, apples, cheese & coffee.  Went after May Cornell at 10.00 and took her here and we put bathing suits on and went for a swim.  Water 75°.
Home and had egg and apple for lunch.  In afternoon we had a nap.  May lay in the lounge in the yard, when a shower came up.
She walked to the back of the yard and saw a snake.  So she yelled for Tillie.  We two had a nap, so when Tillie heard May calling she ran and stepped, with her foot right on the snake, but she didn’t get excited, just let the snake go.
In Eve. had cabbage and turnips, corned beef and beets, coffee bread and coffee.
At 7.15 Gus and Elizabeth came over and we played crazy Eight and then canasta.
We took May home at 10.20.  Home and washed dishes and to bed at 11.15.
A dull headache most of day.

Mon, Mar 20, 1961

70°/86°  6.24/6.31
Up at 7.30 and had breakfast and read paper, then wrote in diary.  Tillie washed the sheets that the company used.
Nice and sunny and warm.  Went to Markham Florist and had a bouquet telegraphed to Griggs.  Then to P.O. and bought stamps.  Home and went to beach for a swim.  Home by 12.30 and lunch.
Tillie called up May Cornell at Sallys and I put up wall mirror.  Had a nap.
Watched “The Americans” and Ingrid Bergman in “24 hours of a womans life.”  To bed at 11.30.
First day of spring.
A crescent moon in west.
Head ached all day, but no sharp pains.

Sun, Mar 19, 1961

66°/82°  6.25/6.31
Up at 7.00 and Bonnie and I squeezed oranges.
I made pancakes for breakfast and they enjoyed it.
They left for home at 11.00.  We had a nice time while they were here.
We went for a swim at noon and saw Ferrara there and then Mrs. Howell.  So we sat talking for a while, then Ferrara and I took a walk to the inlet and back.
Water 76°.
Got home at 2.00 and Ed brought a telegram from Louise Griggs saying Fred died last night in his sleep of a heart attack.
The Howells came here at 4.00 and we sat in yard and had a couple of drinks.
Then had a nice supper of ? potatoes, stringbeans, cranberry, beets papayas and coffee.
After that we sat talking out in the yard, with a nice fire going in the fireplace till about 10.30, when they left.  Saw new moon.
Then we washed dishes and to bed.  Felt the pain in my face, off and on all day.

Sat, Mar 18, 1961

65°/85°  6.26/6.30
Up at 7.50 and had my orange juice, apple, cheese and coffee.  Tillie up at 9.00.  Read paper.  Swept side walk, raked yard, and watered plants.
Head still aching all the time.
After lunch laid down for a little while.
Maud Case, Audrey, Jane and Bonnie Ellis arrived here about 3.00 and we had coffee & buns.
Then to the beach for a swim.  Very nice.
Then home and a supper of beans and frankforts & papaya.  Sat & talked till about 10.00 when we all went to bed.
Heavy rain, thunder and lightning during night.  .5” rain.

Fri, Mar 17, 1961

62°/83°  6.27/6.29
Up at 7.00 and had breakfast.  Cloudy and cool but no wind. Watered plants.
Put in some more stories in front.  Had coffee then went for a swim.
No school today.  Water, 76°.  Stopped to see the Howells in Craft (??).  S.E. Winds.  Not rough.
Kind of hazy out.
Went to Kwik Chek.
Cereal for supper.
Gus, Elizabeth came here about 7.40.  Edna, May and Frank came a little later.  Watched T.V. for a while then played samba.
Had crackers & cream cheese balls, coffee and meringue with ice cream and strawberries. 
Them finished game.
I washed dishes after they left at 6.00.
Tillie dried them.
Head ached all day.

Thurs, Mar 16, 1961

52°/82°  6.28/6.29
Up at 8.00 and had breakfast of orange juice and coffee and some prunes.  Sunny and nice but cool.
58° at 8.00.
Tillie cleaned house while I wrote.  Went to A&P and shopped, then to Wrightsmans and picked up Edith and Signe Ohlson and went to the Beach for a swim, there stayed there till 2.45.
Home and had coffee & cookies.
Then we sat outside and talked for a while.
Tillie prepared supper of shrimp wiggle, coffee jello with ice cream.
Ed came over and stayed for a couple of hours.
After supper we took them home.  Washed dishes and listened to Groucho.
To bed at 10.50.
Head ached all day.
Even at night.  First time that happened.

Wed, Mar 15, 1961

60°/82°  6.29/6.29
Up at 7.00 and had my breakfast.  The cement slabs came this morning.  I set some of them in front.  Mortared Dixie corner stone of driveway.
Weeded Dixies garden in front.  Washed car.
Had liver and bacon and potatoes and parsnips and cabbage and coffee.
This noon we went to airport in our car following Harold Larken, driving Etta Johnson to pick up a man that is going to drive Etta to New York.  We brought Harold and Dot back.
Then we went for a swim.  Water 77°.  Air at beach 72°.  Nice, clear and calm.  Stayed home in Eve. and watched T.V.
Wrote to Mabel Brown.

Tues, Mar 14, 1961

63°/82°  6.30/6.28
Up at 8.00 and got oranges and apples and coffee ready.
Sunny and bright this morning.  Went to laundry at 10.00 and hung it up.
Then went for a swim and it has been the nicest day so far.  N.W. winds, so no big waves.  Water 76°.  Clear and nice.
Met Mrs. Howell, from Worcester.
Talked with Dixie for a while when we got home.  Had lunch on patio.
In afternoon cut grass in DeCiccos lawn.
After supper we went to Darryls lawyer and Peggy & Lars Malhemus also came, to testify in Darryls behalf, in his divorce case against Nancy.
Were home by 9.30.  Tillie brought some meringues over to Sally, as she is 51 years old today.
Had two glasses of sherry.  Sat and talked till after 10.00.
I went right to bed, Tillie got to bed at 12.00 as she was baking cookies.
I’ve had those neuralgic pains, off and on all day.

Mon, Mar 13, 1961

65°/80°  6.32/6.28
Up at 8.00, breakfast and read paper.  Went to Ace Co and ordered cement blocks.  Then shopped in Kwik Chek and Food Fair.  Home and lunch, then went back to Kwik Check and bought Eggs.
Stopped in Western Auto and got some anchors for screws.
Home and put up curtains that Tillie picked up in Penneys.  Borrowed Toby’s Electric drill.
Ed stopped in for a while.
Had pork chops for supper.
Then watched T.V.
To bed at 11.00.
Patterson knocked out Johanson in 6th round.
Head ached every time I chewed or touched my upper lip.
Rained .55 of an inch last night.

Sun, Mar 12, 1961

66°/79°  6.33/6.27
Up at 8.00 and shaved and got breakfast ready.  Tillie up at 9.30 and we had breakfast together.
Watered plants.  Sunny and warm.
Read paper, then went to beach for a swim.  Water 74°.  Saw Ferraris there, also life guard showed us his wife and baby pictures.
Home and dressed up and went to “Spot” and had veal chops for dinner, with peas, yams, salad, marinated herring, apple pie & coffee.  Also bread, crackers & butter.
Then went to Norton Gallery and saw paintings.  Then went to Allenbaughs and they had company and then Dot & Ray drove up, so we took a little ride around Lantana to see all the new houses.
Then back to Russells house and we sat and talked with them for about three hours, had two cups of coffee and saw his bar for the kitchen that he built.
Home at 8.00 and watched T.V. and to bed at 11.00.
Top of my head ached quite a lot.

Fri, Mar 11, 1961

48°/76°  6.34/6.25
Up at 6.30.  Turned heat on at 6.00.  After Tillie left, I washed dishes and went back to bed at 8.00 and slept till 10.00.
Then mopped and vacuumed and dusted.  Then watered plants.
Partly cloudy and warming up.
Had strawberries, cream cheese and papaya and coffee for lunch.
Read paper.
Tillie came home at 3.00 and had flowers and arranged them.  Gave some to Sally.  Had coffee with me.  Left at 5.35 for work.
I watched T.V. and read later on.  Tillie came home at 10.00.
Gave Dixie some flowers and sat on their patio and talked for a while.
Gary Cooper’s wife and daughters were at Wrightsmans today.
To bed at 11.15.

Fri, Mar 10, 1961

44°/65°  6.35/6.26
Up at 6.30 and got breakfast.  Watched T.V. till 9.10.  Tillie left at 7.32.  Sunny and cold.  Watered plants.  Read paper made bed and washed dishes.
Tillie came home at 3.00.  Went to Lindens and saw Helga and Hilda.  Brought oranges to them.
Cool.  I drove Tillie to Wrightsmans and then I went home and had fried eggs and bacon.  Watched T.V. till 10.00 then went after Tillie got there at 10.25 and left at 11.00.  Tillie irrigated and got to bed at 1.15.

Thurs, Mar 9, 1961

60°/72°  6.36/6.25
Up at 8.00 and had breakfast and watched “To Day”  Tillie cleaned house.
I made a stand for sifting compost.  Sifted compost and put around crotons.
Tillie took me downtown at 3.30 and I wandered around in the bazzar and downtown.  Walked home and was home at 5.30.  Sunny windy and cool.
Wind from west.
Tillie came home at 10.15.
Watched Groucho.  To bed at 11.15.
Tillie began working at Wrightsmans this noon.

Wed, Mar 8, 1961

73°/83°  6.37/6.25
Partly cloudy this morning.  I got up at 7.30 and Tillie at 8.00.
After breakfast we went to laundry came back and hung them out.  Dixie came over and we had coffee together.
Then took in clothes and then went for a swim.  Back home and had lunch.  I had a nap and Tillie ironed.
Then I worked on lamp and Ed came over.  Tillie had nap.
After supper watched T.V.
Beautiful moonlit night.

Tues, Mar 7, 1961

74°/85°  6.38/6.24
Up at 6.30, Tillie 6.45 and had our orange juice and coffee.  Tillie left at 7.35.  Then I read paper and washed dishes.  From then on I wrote letters until 9.30, except for lunch, four o’clock coffee and dinner.  Ed came in about 4.00 and stayed till 6.30.  Later on Darryl came in and got his Easel and looked over my books.
Borrowed 3 Nat. Geo.
Tillie came home at 10.30 and to bed at 11.30

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mon, Mar 6, 1961

73°/85°  6.39/6.25
Up at 6.30 and got breakfast.  Went with Tillie to work then home and read paper.  Then went down town and paid mortgage and got stockings for Tillie and sunglasses for myself.
Home and lunch.
Put Riviera plate on car and cleaned Engine.  Called up Tillie at 3.00 at Jacksons.
Ed came over for a while.
Watered plants and read Geographic.  Had meatballs for supper and an apple and buttermilk.
Warm today.
Went to the R.B. Civic Club Meeting at 8.00.  Then left at 9.30 and picked up Tillie at Wrightsmans.
Home and she arranged the flowers and sent me a rose.
I got to bed at 11.15 and Tillie at 12.00.

Sun, Mar 5, 1961

71°/84°  6.40/6.25
Up at 6.30 and Tillie left at 7.35.  Sunny and nice.  Dusted and vacuumed.  Watered plants.  Read paper.  Moonrise tonight 9.23.
Wrote letters.  Had lunch of crabs.  Worked on lamp.  When I finished it I brought Toby and Sally over to see it.  Then I went back with them and had a couple of drinks with him and listened to his hi fi.
Then home and supper of chicken and apple.  Then watched T.V.
Tillie came home at 9.45.  Dull pain in head most of day.
To bed at 11.00.

Sat, Mar 4, 1961

71°/85°  6.41/6.23
Up at 6.15 and got breakfast ready.  Nice and clear out.  Tillie left at 7.30.  I washed dishes, made bed and read paper.  Wrote till 12.45 and then had lunch.
Walked to Western Auto and bought a Florida Plate, socket and bolts & screws.
Walked home, shaved and trimmed a bamboo pole.
Worked on lamp till Tillie came home at 5.30.  Gus came over for the card table.
Had crabs for supper.
At 7.30 we went over to Collangis, May and the Mollineaux and Holmes were there.
Frank, Edna, Tillie and I played at our table and Gus, Elizabeth, May and Holmes at their table.
Had lemon meringue pie a la cream and coffee.  Watched the Robinson Fullmer fight.  Fullmer won on points.
Home at 12.30 and Tillie to bed at 1.15.  I slept fine.

Fri, Mar 3, 1961

67°/82°  6.42/6.22
Up at 6.30 and got Tillie off at 7.30.  Then read paper, brought scraps to Dixies dogs, had a cup of coffee there then home and finished Almas letter and had lunch of sandwiches Tillie brought home.  Mopped and dusted.
Sprayed gold on floor lamp.
Elizabeth and Gus stopped long Enough for to leave me seven crabs.  I boiled them this afternoon.
Washed umbrella with hose.
Had a half hour nap.
Had coffee at 3.30.
Watered plants.
Ed came in for a while.
After supper took a walk down 5th Ave and up 6th Ave.  Counted houses.  There are 275 houses in Monroe Heights now. 
There was 93 houses when we came here in 1955.
Ed came in at 9.45 and stayed till 10.45.  Tillie came home at 10.20.  We had coffeee and Ed had beer. 
To bed at 11.10.
Tillie says Mrs. Kennedy is very sloppy and chews her fingernails.

Thurs, Mar 2, 1961

Up at 6.30 and got coffee and oranges ready.  Tillie left at 7.20.  Sunny Early but clouded up later.
Brought a bouquet of snap dragons over to Dixie.
Left at 11.30 and walked downtown, bought some gold paint, stopped in to see Jim, bought a Sat. Eve. Post in Riviera Drug and walked home 13th St and Old Dixie highway and counted the houses on 4th Ave. 
Cleaned house after lunch.  Read Sat. Post and watched T.V. till Tillie came home.  Had a cup of coffee with her and then to bed.
.1” of rain fell about 9.00.

Wed, Mar 1, 1961

67°/83°  6.44/6.21
Up at 6.15 and got oranges and apple & coffee ready.
Tillie left at 7.30.
I mopped floor, washed dishes, dusted and vacuumed the rugs, watered lawn.  Sunny and nice.
Put up umbrella.  Swept patio.  Made crosspiece for grille on door.
Wrote three letters.
Ed came over for an hour or so late in afternoon.
Had rice and yogurt and coffee for supper.
Tillie came home at 9.30.  Mrs. Kennedy is staying at Wrightmans.  Brought home a big bouquet of snap dragons also some cheese.
Tillie irrigated and to bed at 11.00.