Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mon, Mar 6, 1961

73°/85°  6.39/6.25
Up at 6.30 and got breakfast.  Went with Tillie to work then home and read paper.  Then went down town and paid mortgage and got stockings for Tillie and sunglasses for myself.
Home and lunch.
Put Riviera plate on car and cleaned Engine.  Called up Tillie at 3.00 at Jacksons.
Ed came over for a while.
Watered plants and read Geographic.  Had meatballs for supper and an apple and buttermilk.
Warm today.
Went to the R.B. Civic Club Meeting at 8.00.  Then left at 9.30 and picked up Tillie at Wrightsmans.
Home and she arranged the flowers and sent me a rose.
I got to bed at 11.15 and Tillie at 12.00.

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