Friday, March 25, 2011

Sun, Mar 19, 1961

66°/82°  6.25/6.31
Up at 7.00 and Bonnie and I squeezed oranges.
I made pancakes for breakfast and they enjoyed it.
They left for home at 11.00.  We had a nice time while they were here.
We went for a swim at noon and saw Ferrara there and then Mrs. Howell.  So we sat talking for a while, then Ferrara and I took a walk to the inlet and back.
Water 76°.
Got home at 2.00 and Ed brought a telegram from Louise Griggs saying Fred died last night in his sleep of a heart attack.
The Howells came here at 4.00 and we sat in yard and had a couple of drinks.
Then had a nice supper of ? potatoes, stringbeans, cranberry, beets papayas and coffee.
After that we sat talking out in the yard, with a nice fire going in the fireplace till about 10.30, when they left.  Saw new moon.
Then we washed dishes and to bed.  Felt the pain in my face, off and on all day.

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