Friday, March 25, 2011

Fri, Mar 11, 1961

48°/76°  6.34/6.25
Up at 6.30.  Turned heat on at 6.00.  After Tillie left, I washed dishes and went back to bed at 8.00 and slept till 10.00.
Then mopped and vacuumed and dusted.  Then watered plants.
Partly cloudy and warming up.
Had strawberries, cream cheese and papaya and coffee for lunch.
Read paper.
Tillie came home at 3.00 and had flowers and arranged them.  Gave some to Sally.  Had coffee with me.  Left at 5.35 for work.
I watched T.V. and read later on.  Tillie came home at 10.00.
Gave Dixie some flowers and sat on their patio and talked for a while.
Gary Cooper’s wife and daughters were at Wrightsmans today.
To bed at 11.15.

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