Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sat, Mar 4, 1961

71°/85°  6.41/6.23
Up at 6.15 and got breakfast ready.  Nice and clear out.  Tillie left at 7.30.  I washed dishes, made bed and read paper.  Wrote till 12.45 and then had lunch.
Walked to Western Auto and bought a Florida Plate, socket and bolts & screws.
Walked home, shaved and trimmed a bamboo pole.
Worked on lamp till Tillie came home at 5.30.  Gus came over for the card table.
Had crabs for supper.
At 7.30 we went over to Collangis, May and the Mollineaux and Holmes were there.
Frank, Edna, Tillie and I played at our table and Gus, Elizabeth, May and Holmes at their table.
Had lemon meringue pie a la cream and coffee.  Watched the Robinson Fullmer fight.  Fullmer won on points.
Home at 12.30 and Tillie to bed at 1.15.  I slept fine.

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