Friday, March 25, 2011

Wed, Mar 15, 1961

60°/82°  6.29/6.29
Up at 7.00 and had my breakfast.  The cement slabs came this morning.  I set some of them in front.  Mortared Dixie corner stone of driveway.
Weeded Dixies garden in front.  Washed car.
Had liver and bacon and potatoes and parsnips and cabbage and coffee.
This noon we went to airport in our car following Harold Larken, driving Etta Johnson to pick up a man that is going to drive Etta to New York.  We brought Harold and Dot back.
Then we went for a swim.  Water 77°.  Air at beach 72°.  Nice, clear and calm.  Stayed home in Eve. and watched T.V.
Wrote to Mabel Brown.

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