Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wed, Mar 1, 1961

67°/83°  6.44/6.21
Up at 6.15 and got oranges and apple & coffee ready.
Tillie left at 7.30.
I mopped floor, washed dishes, dusted and vacuumed the rugs, watered lawn.  Sunny and nice.
Put up umbrella.  Swept patio.  Made crosspiece for grille on door.
Wrote three letters.
Ed came over for an hour or so late in afternoon.
Had rice and yogurt and coffee for supper.
Tillie came home at 9.30.  Mrs. Kennedy is staying at Wrightmans.  Brought home a big bouquet of snap dragons also some cheese.
Tillie irrigated and to bed at 11.00.

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